September 28, 2023

Well, Elon Musk did it. He reinstated President Trump’s Twitter account last night and invited him to come back on the platform. The mainstream media is covering this story like hysterical ninnies. I have added my comments below in BOLD to the BBC article. They reported that Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk has said Donald Trump’s account has been reinstated after running a poll in which users narrowly backed the move. “The people have spoken,” tweeted Mr Musk, saying that 51.8% of more than 15 million Twitter users voted for the ban to be lifted.

But the former US president may not return to the platform, earlier saying: “I don’t see any reason for it”.

His account was suspended in 2021 due to the risk of incitement of violence (wait until you see the “REAL” reason),

Twitter’s previous management acted just days after Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol in Washington DC on 6 January.

Hundreds of rioters (it wasn’t a riot) entered the complex as the US Congress attempted to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election (Anybody who still believes Biden “won” is an idiot). The ensuing violence led to the deaths of four civilians and a police officer (THIS IS FAKE NEWS. There is no proof that anything that happened on January 6th caused any police officer’s death).

Soon after the riots (wasn’t a riot), Donald Trump’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts, which all had tens of millions of followers – were also suspended.

Several months later, he launched his own social media platform, Truth Social.

Earlier this week, the Republican announced that he would once again run for the US presidency in 2024. Mr Musk, the world’s richest man, took control of Twitter in October in a $44bn (£37bn) deal. He immediately embarked on a series of radical changes (BBC thinks “sanity” is RADICAL) within the social media giant, amid concerns that he might loosen Twitter’s regulations on hate speech and misinformation.

What a stupid article that was.

Now, I thought Twitter banning Trump was absurd, but I thought they banned him over January 6th, still totally absurd — but I didn’t realize until today, why they actually banned him, and I am not the only one.

Many people are shocked right now, and they should be.

THIS TWEET is the main reason Trump got banned:

This tweet is what Twitter considered the most “dangerous.”

The blithering idiots at Twitter assumed Trump was sending a “dog whistle” to his supporters that Biden was not legit, by refusing to go to the inauguration (nevermind all the Dems who refused to go to Trump’s inauguration), also, Biden is illegitimate. And they also said he was sending “signals” to his supporters that it was safe to unleash violence at Biden’s installation inauguration, since he would not be there.

Have you ever heard of anything more asinine in your life? And these are the same people who accuse Qanon of being “conspiracy theorists.”

Lawyer Viva Frei was shocked, too. Here’s what he said: “Holy shiat, I never realized how ludicrous the justification to ban @realdonaldtrump was. This does not read like a justification. It reads like an deranged fabrication. @elonmusk was right to fire anyone and everyone who had a hand in this idiocy. ”

Here’s a closeup look at this deranged insanity:

This is literally criminal and communist what these crazy, paranoid, conspiracy theorists inside Twitter did to him, us, and this entire country.

Elon Musk might not be perfect, but thank God he took over the platform because that level of mental sickness and insanity should not be in charge of anything, ever again.

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