September 22, 2023

In September, the American Conservative Union sent a “woke congressional leadership pledge” to GOP lawmakers seeking endorsements for leadership posts.

“The first step to earn our support is a new shared strategy to reprimand corporations that have gone woke,” the letter read.

The organization that puts on the annual Republican gathering, the Conservative Political Action Conference, called on lawmakers to punish corporations with “radical left policies” such as paying travel costs for employee abortions, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement or promoting “radical gender theory and gender modification onto our children.”

“With new, conservative majorities, these same corporate woke elitists will be back on Capitol Hill, trying to cozy back up to conservatives,” it warned. “CPAC calls on you to take a stand and not allow this to happen without a renunciation of woke policies.”

The GOP, once the party of big business, has unfriended it.

In recent months, Republicans have intensified their pressure campaign to stop corporate America from taking liberal stands, with punitive measures ranging from boycotts to legislation to shareholder fights.

Now that Republicans have regained control of the House, key conservative figures are threatening political consequences.