September 22, 2023

Trump is contesting again, as we are destined to dwell in the very same time cycle repeatedly. Moreover, those who despise him the most seek to lead the charge against him.

The truth is Trump’s suitability to head the Republican ticket again in 2024 is a topic worthy of serious consideration.

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Any discussion should, for instance, be supported with a realistic roadmap for the national election.

Could Trump take Georgia with Brian Kemp in such direct opposition? Can he win Florida by criticizing Ron DeSantis? Given that Arizona appears to reject anyone with a significant link to the previous president, can he win the state?

These are legitimate concerns that must be posed and addressed, not personal characteristics but on electoral fact. If these inquiries disturb someone, that is acceptable. The objective is to win because failure is unacceptable.

Is This Seriously All Trump’s Opponents Have?

And yet, it is impossible to have a meaningful conversation when individuals attempting to assert themselves have the strategic forethought of a cucumber. To illustrate: Mike Pence and Larry Hogan are attempting to gain the upper hand.

Why are these two men attending this leadership meeting? Where are they specifically leading? In addition to being outside of government, neither has a following comparable to that of an average Southern family. What demographic is this for, and how does it fulfill the purpose of permitting a genuine discussion regarding the future of the party?

Forget all the debates over Trump’s possibility in 2024. Instead, the point is that it makes no difference when Mike Pence and Larry Hogan represent the establishment. If this is the strategy, we may as well give Trump the candidacy now.

Pence and Hogan have declared their intention to run for the presidency in 2024. Both have the unique distinction of no possibility and being unhelpful in establishing a genuine option.

Republicans generally dislike both candidates. Hogan has gained this reputation by regularly attacking conservatives on TV news. Pence, on the other hand, has become more of a victim of fate, but this does not alter the reality that no one outside of the martini circuit wants him in the running.

The GOP Needs To Get Real

And there’s Chris Christie, an unsuccessful politician who is now a talking head for ABC News. He is also attempting to make waves.

He stated that it is time to quit being frightened of any individual; it is time to stand up for the ideas and beliefs upon which this party and nation were formed.

He stated that he was there from the beginning till election night in 2020.

First, if you insist that others move on from someone, perhaps you shouldn’t sweeten that demand with pitiful groveling. Christie didn’t support Trump until election night. He was there because he desired an administrative post, he was “there all the way.”

Nevertheless, the issue is not that people’s opinions on Trump have changed. Given the abundance of evidence indicating he may not be the greatest candidate to win in 2024, reasonable people may accept this. However, the issue is those who call for a change in direction the loudest are really pushing us in the other direction.

Trump will steamroll Pence, Hogan, and Christie if they face up against him. Yet, these individuals, who are only interested in running vanity campaigns, cannot set aside their egos to enable a genuine primary to occur.

There may be a select few others that emerge, but Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis will be the leading candidates. These are the only two individuals in the conservative party who have earned the trust of the base.

If the establishment persists in imposing other alternatives, they will lose and end up having just what they claim to hate. Is this what they desire?

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.