September 25, 2023

An “After School Satan Club” by the “Satanic Temple” religion established in an elementary school using legal provisions on religious freedom has caused outrage among parents in Tehachapi, California.

Abusing Religious Freedom to Set Up Satanic Clubs

The Satanic Temple, a “nontheistic religion” headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, has been aggressively establishing “after-school clubs” across the country, to the horror of decent Christian parents nationwide.

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The religious group with the horrible-sounding name claims it does not actually worship Satan but uses him as a sick metaphor, whose primary purpose seems to be the undermining of Christianity.

Earlier this year, the Satanic Temple created an uproar by setting up school clubs in Lebanon, Ohiо, and Moline, Illinois.

It is now “drawing community outrage” by establishing an “after-school club” in Tehachapi, Kern Country, California, at Golden Hills Elementary School.

The report explains how the Satanic Temple has been setting up its clubs in places where evangelical Christian groups have had their own clubs – such as the Good News Club.

The Satanic Temple, founded in 2012, has been using a 2001 ruling by the US Supreme Court in favor of the Good News Club, which said school districts couldn’t “discriminate against groups” because of their “viewpoints.”

According to the report, The Satanic Temple has been establishing its own clubs in elementary and high schools “as intended counterweights” to Christian school clubs.

This apparently means that the nasty “secularism-mind” religious movement is deliberately seeking to provoke and denigrate American Christians.

‘Intellectually Challenging Program’ for Inquisitive Children?

Laeren Mae, a mother who is an “After School Satan Club” volunteer at the Tehachapi elementary school, has told SFGate that “the initial reaction” by parents is one “of shock and disgust.”

She complained that many people mixed up the Satanic Temple with the “Church of Satan” and insisted that the former did not include “devil worshippers.”

She insisted the members of the Satanic Temple did not “believe in a supernatural Satan.”

As it has been invading American schools nationwide, the Satanic Temple claims on its website that “religion invades schools” through the Good News Clubs, which is why it is trying to guarantee respect for “true religious liberty” and “plurality.” It also says it doesn’t “advocate for religion in schools.”

The Satanic Temple also asserts its clubs focus on “free inquiry and rationalism” and certainly not on “converting children to Satanism.”

Speaking on KBAK TV, a CBS affiliate, however, parents from Tehachapi, a town of 15,000 people, have called the After School Satan Club “disgusting” and “wrong.” They insisted the club had no place in the school.

Because too many community members complained about the club, Stacey Larson-Everson, the superintendent of the Tehachapi Unified School District, “had to write” a public letter saying the Satanic Temple was entitled to the club “by law” because it could not be banned on the basis of “viewpoint.”

She also emphasized the district didn’t “endorse” any groups that hold after-school events on its property.

Mae, the parent volunteer, insisted that the Satanic Temple club offered children “an intellectually stimulating program” boosting their “inquisitive thinking.”

She also blasted the Good News Club because it made children threaten their peers with “eternal damnation.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.