September 23, 2023

Was there any diversity at Twitter HQ? I mean this question seriously. Why is big tech nothing but a hive for like-minded people? This is why these loons get all high and mighty —  because they live in a bubble, where literally every single person agrees with them, so they are convinced that whatever they say and think is right, and when they come in contact with people who don’t think that way, they are immediately labeled a “racist” or a “Nazi,” or whatever the flavor of the day is.

And this “hive mentality” breeds intolerance, and puts people on a dangerous power trip, where they get this twisted idea in their heads that they’re the keepers of the truth and the moral high ground.

And what’s really scary, is that’s the mentality that’s going on inside all of big tech, along with a lot of progressive politics, and it got to a point where it was no longer unsustainable.

Did you know the real reason why Twitter “hive minds” suspended President Trump?

Well, you might be surprised.

I thought Twitter banning Trump was absurd, but I thought they banned him over January 6th, still totally absurd — but I didn’t realize until today, why they actually banned him, and I am not the only one.

Many people are shocked right now, and they should be.

THIS TWEET is the main reason Trump got banned:

This tweet is what Twitter “hive minds” considered the most “dangerous” of all his tweets.

None of his tweets are dangerous, but this is just insanity.

The blithering idiots over at Twitter assumed Trump was sending a “dog whistle” to his supporters that Biden was not legit, by refusing to go to the inauguration (nevermind all the Dems who refused to go to Trump’s inauguration), also, by the way, Biden is actually illegitimate. And they also said Trump was sending “signals” to his supporters that it was safe to unleash violence at Biden’s installation-inauguration since he would not be there.


Have you ever heard of anything more asinine in your life? And these are the same people who accuse Qanon of being “conspiracy theorists.”

Give me a break.

Lawyer Viva Frei was shocked, too. Here’s what he said: “Holy shiat, I never realized how ludicrous the justification to ban @realdonaldtrump was. This does not read like a justification. It reads like an deranged fabrication. @elonmusk was right to fire anyone and everyone who had a hand in this idiocy. ”

Here’s a closeup look at this deranged insanity:

This is literally criminal and communist what these crazy, paranoid, conspiracy theorists inside Twitter did to him, us, and this entire country.

So, imagine my non-surprise when I finally saw a photo of the former Twitter employee who was in charge of deciding what was political disinformation.

It was exactly how I thought this person would look, but I did expect blue hair.

Now, let me ask you this – does this person look like an open-minded, fair individual, who would look at a Trump supporter and see a decent fellow American, who just has a differing view or does this fella look like a hive-mind activist who thinks anyone who disagrees with him, is the reincarnation of Hitler?

I know, stupid question, right?

Well, if you guessed the “second” one you were right.

Because this is what Melissa thinks about anybody who disagrees with his politics:

By the way, those photos are public, straight from Melissa’s Twitter account.

So, how “fair” do you think Melissa was when he was deciding what was “disinformation” and what wasn’t on Twitter?

Not very fair, at all, right? That was the real “threat” to our society, a bunch of hive-mind psychopaths, with way too much power.

Elon Musk might not be perfect, but thank God he took over the platform because that level of mental sickness and insanity should not be in charge of anything, ever again.

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