September 23, 2023

If you want to trigger anybody in the Biden admin, Dem Party, or on the left in general, the only thing you need to do is bring up Joe Biden’s perverted crackhead son, Hunter Biden. Trust me, the wheels will just fall off their wagons, instantaneously. Hunter is a huge sore spot for the left, because they know he’s a cesspool of degenerate problems, and the ONLY thing they can say to defend the filthy messes Hunter has made, is to scream and shout that he’s NOT THE PRESIDENT.

Of course, that didn’t matter when it came to Don Jr. But it certainly matters now, because it looks like Joe and Hunter have been working together for decades, making deals, and lots of money, off of “access” to Joe’s powerful positions in the US government. There hasn’t been this much “pay to play” since the perverted Clintons were in office.

And when confronted with this fact, they turn into jelly trying to defend the “Big Guy.”

Western Journal reported on the question KP was asked, and her blathering response: “The top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, Congressman [James] Comer, has said that he’s investigating the President’s involvement in his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings. One, looking for your reaction to that. And then, on the merits of the allegations, can you address whether the President was involved in any of his son Hunter’s or his brother’s foreign business deals?”

Also, going by the official transcript, Jean-Pierre began her reply with: “So, look, you know, there’s — there’s some — a little bit of interesting, you know, kind of, on-brand thinking here because, you know, congressional Republicans ran saying that they were going to fight inflation.”

That’s pretty close; they skipped a few of the “ums” and such, but try reading that response out loud and you get the sense that Jean-Pierre is working hard to buy some time to come up with response to that question.

Which, in-and-of-itself, is interesting, as it raises the question of why in the world she would not have been prepared for such an obvious inquiry from the White House media after a midterm election that put Republicans solidly in charge of the House of Representatives — and Hunter Biden directly in the sights of House Republicans who have been promising for months to investigate the president’s son after the midterms.

You’ll notice that she didn’t even try to bring Hunter Biden or his father into her response initially. In fact, it took her several sentences to get there.

“They said they were going to make that a priority,” she said. “They were very clear about that these past several months.

“And instead, what they’re doing is they’re focusing — you know, they’re focusing — they’re making their top priority — they get the majority, and their top priority is actually not focusing on the American families but focusing on the President’s family.

Meanwhile, we’ve spent nearly the past 7 years focused on Trump, and 3 of those years, he hasn’t even been in office.

The absolute nerve of these communists is breathtaking.

You can watch the video below:

The left has destroyed this country and has done nothing, except “ballot harvest” to keep themselves in power. But now, it’s the GOP’s responsibility to end Joe’s inflation and fix his crappy economy.

  • Sorry, lady, but that’s not how this works. Your side is still persecuting Trump, so please, sit back and enjoy the Biden fur flying, everywhere.

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