September 28, 2023

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A second Arizona county on Monday delayed certifying its midterm election results until the Nov. 28 deadline in a show of solidarity with Maricopa County, where voting problems were reported on Election Day.

The Mohave County board of supervisors explicitly promised during a meeting they would certify the results by Nov. 28, saying their decision to push certification back until the deadline was a political statement.

The delay comes after Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake said Monday that “whistleblowers are coming forward” about reports of voting issues on Election Day in Maricopa County and after the state Attorney General’s Elections Integrity Unit wrote to county officials demanding a formal response about those reported problems.

Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward, a Mohave County resident, praised the decision to delay, saying rural voters were being disenfranchised by what happened in Maricopa.

“Voters in all rural counties in Arizona are being disenfranchised by Maricopa County’s incompetence/malfeasance. I’m happy to see that my county (Mohave) voted to delay certification,” she said on Twitter.

Second County to Delay Certifying Election Results

Mohave was the second Arizona county to delay certifying the election results, following Cochise County, which made its decision on Friday. However, unlike Mohave, the board of supervisors there did not promise to certify the result by the deadline.

The two Republican board of supervisors members for Cochise demanded the secretary of state prove their vote-counting machines were legally certified.

Cochise was sued by the Democrat-aligned Elias Law Group, which has been involved in a number of election-related lawsuits in Arizona.

Marc Elias, a former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer whose former law firm, Perkins Coie, hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to produce and promote Steele’s disproven dossier, threatened to sue any Arizona county that doesn’t certify the results.

By Caden Pearson

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