March 30, 2023


Last week, former President Donald Trump announced that he is running for a second term as president.

Great! Let the 2024 race begin, democracy proceeds!

Unless. Unless Attorney General Merrick Garland gets his way in a full-scale assault on democracy.

In the style of a banana republic, Garland said this:

Based on recent developments, including Trump’s announcement that he is a candidate for president in the next election, and the current president’s intention to be a candidate in the next election, I have concluded it is in the public interest to appoint a special counsel.

Got that? Because Joe Biden says he will run for reelection, and Trump has announced he will challenge Biden in the 2024 election — then Garland has decided to weaponize the Department of Justice and have Trump be prosecuted for having the audacity to challenge Biden in an election.

The excuse used aside from Trump’s announcement is two separate issues — the Mar-a-Lago documents and then the events of Jan. 6.

But let’s be plain: this is exactly an illustration of Stalin’s ruthless state security chief Lavrentiy Beria purportedly saying: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

Merrick Garland is Joe Biden’s Beria.

This is nothing less than an insurrection. A real one. This is about a decidedly powerful attorney general of the United States deliberately — say again deliberately — going rogue and setting out to bring a democratic election to a full stop by investigating a candidate who is a Biden political opponent. And doing it to stop him in an outrageous miscarriage of justice.

The always-telling business of accusing others of what you yourself are about comes into play here. Biden’s pre-election speech said that America is being targeted by “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” That is exactly a description of what Garland is doing.

Former President Trump more than gets this, as he said that the Garland move was “the worst politicization of justice in our country” — and he is right. He added this in an interview with Fox News:

I have been going through this for six years — for six years I have been going through this, and I am not going to go through it anymore. And I hope the Republicans have the courage to fight this. I have been proven innocent for six years on everything — from fake impeachments to [former special counsel Robert] Mueller who found no collusion, and now I have to do it more?” Trump said. “It is not acceptable. It is so unfair. It is so political.

Bingo. And I would add that it is corrupt. Massively corrupt.

The soon-to-be Republican House of Representatives should impeach Garland and he should be removed from office. Pronto. Full stop.

For the attorney general of the United States to politicize — weaponize — the Department of Justice, directing it to investigate a political opponent of the incumbent president he works for is nothing less than third-world tyranny and an all-out assault on democracy. The stuff of dictators and tyrants. The stuff of a Stalin or a Saddam.

Note as well that with serious, actual evidence that Biden had been routinely selling his office as vice president for profit — Garland falls silent. There will be no Justice Department investigation of Biden and son Hunter Biden’s shenanigans to make Big Money for the Big Guy, much less a prosecution. The Justice Department and Garland now join Twitter and Facebook in suppressing the facts of the Hunter Biden laptop and the revelations it holds about the dealings of the Biden family.

There’s more here.

What Americans have been watching in real-time for the past six years is a serious effort by Washington bureaucrats to overthrow democracy, targeting Washington outsider Trump using the FBI, the Justice Department, and any other useful branch or agency of the federal government.

Recall this headline from the Washington Post on Jan. 31, 2017 — a mere 11 days after Donald Trump was inaugurated:

Resistance from within: Federal workers push back against Trump

The story reported this, bold print for emphasis supplied:

Less than two weeks into Trump’s administration, federal workers are in regular consultation with recently departed Obama-era political appointees about what they can do to push back against the new president’s initiatives. Some federal employees have set up social media accounts to anonymously leak word of changes that Trump appointees are trying to make.

….At the Justice Department, an employee in the division that administers grants to nonprofits fighting domestic violence and researching sex crimes said the office has been planning to slow its work and to file complaints with the inspector general’s office if asked to shift grants away from their mission.

…Former House speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), a Trump adviser and longtime critic of the bureaucracy, said the pushback against the new administration reveals how firmly entrenched liberals are and how threatened they feel by the new regime. He cited an analysis by the Hill newspaper that showed that 95 percent of campaign donations from employees at 14 federal agencies went to Hillary Clinton last fall.

….“This is essentially the opposition in waiting,” Gingrich said. “He may have to clean out the Justice Department because there are so many left-wingers there. State is even worse.” 

…At the Justice Department, some career civil servants asked their bosses whether they were allowed to protest their new president by marching or contacting a member of Congress. The answer was yes, if they did so on their own time and in their personal capacity.

What Merrick Garland has announced with his appointment of a special counsel is nothing less than a continuation — an extension — of what those federal employees, and specifically Justice Department employees, were doing in 2017. Now it isn’t enough to protest Trump. Now the game is on Beria-style to use the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute him.

Newsbusters noted that the selected special counsel, Jack Smith, was part of the Obama Justice Department, the prosecutor of former Republican Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (who had his conviction overturned by a unanimous Supreme Court), and, as Newsbusters writes, “involved with the infamous Lois Lerner who used the IRS to target Tea Party and other conservative groups via auditing and application processing delays in 2010.” All of which is to say that, like Garland himself, the special counsel has an agenda.

This isn’t just wrong and disgusting. This is rigged and dangerous. It is a deliberate trashing of the Constitution by zealous hyperpartisans. It is not simply the corruption of justice, this is itself corruption at the Justice Department.

For which Merrick Garland and those around him at the Justice Department leading this insurrection should be held responsible and removed post-haste.

If not themselves prosecuted.