September 22, 2023

Zelensky’s missile scam highlights the untenable risks for the United States

America narrowly averted a Russian missile crisis last week. Unlike the Cuban variety of 1962, which unfolded a mere 90 miles away from our homeland and involved very real Soviet missiles, this recent Zelensky scam was perpetrated upon America from 5,000 miles away and involved errant Ukrainian weapons.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden and the national security establishment of Permanent Washington continue down a path of reckless escalation in Ukraine. This provocative posture presents untenable risks for America, especially given the total void of a compelling, vital US national interest in that internecine Slavic struggle.

Last Tuesday missiles struck the Polish countryside near the Ukrainian border, tragically killing two innocent civilians. In between photo shoots for Western glamour magazines, Zelensky immediately blamed the strike on Russia and declared: “Terror is not limited to our national borders. Russian missiles hit Poland…NATO territory.” Zelensky clearly summoned NATO retaliation, calling the missiles an attack on “collective security” and warned “we must act.” Zelensky’s “we” actually means “you” — and specifically America.

Only…the missiles were not, in fact, Russian. Once cooler heads prevailed, both Poland and NATO determined that the missiles were “launched by air defenses in neighboring Ukraine.” Hopefully, the deadly tragedy resulted from incompetence on the part of Ukraine, rather than a purposeful attempt to lure allied combatants into a kinetic war on behalf of Zelensky?

Amazingly, Zelensky refused to offer remorse or take responsibility for his incendiary and dishonest rhetoric about the attack. In fact, Volodymyr doubled down, asserting “I have no doubt this was not our missile and not our missile strike.” Even the obsessively pro-intervention Joe Biden slapped back at Zelensky on this point, stating that Zelensky’s claim contravenes “the evidence.”

The Black Sea region is a powder keg right now. Eastern Ukraine becomes a wasteland of armed conflict that has been massively escalated by Biden’s Foggy Bottom and NATO’s Brussels headquarters. Notably, the broad NATO alliance has consistently funded BOTH sides of the struggle, through direct aid to Ukraine and mammoth energy purchases from Russia.

By Steve Cortes

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