September 25, 2023

2o2o and 2022 were big eye-openers for Republicans. We finally realized the scope of what is really going on. In 2o20, the country was flooded with a tsunami of unprecedented mail-in ballots. It was so much, you couldn’t even keep track, and if you tried to audit it, you couldn’t because it was pure chaos, by design. And while 2022 was not a “tsunami,” it was targeted, and wherever ballot harvesting and ballot curing took place, Dems did “remarkably” well and somehow beat the odds.

Yeah, you do the math…

So, as a result, many Americans believe our elections are under attack, and if we don’t get really serious and fight back in every way possible, we are going to wind up at the losing end of every big race.

And that’s why I am so happy to see states like Alabama make bold moves like this, by withdrawing from the Democrat-controlled voter registration database, which is a complete and total mess.

The Federalist just reported that Alabama’s Secretary of State-elect Wes Allen has announced that he will withdraw the state from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a voter-roll management system with politically compromised ties.

“I made a promise that I would withdraw Alabama from ERIC and I am keeping that promise,” Allen said in a statement. “I have informed them, via certified letter, that upon my inauguration on January 16, 2023, Alabama will immediately and permanently cease to transmit any information regarding any citizen in the State of Alabama to their organization and that we will no longer participate in any aspect of the ERIC program.”

As previously reported, ERIC is a voter-roll management organization used by 33 states which ostensibly exists to identify duplicate or deceased registrants (by cross-referencing states’ voter and DMV records) and thereby “clean” state voter rolls. Alabama joined ERIC in 2015 and currently pays about $25,000 a year for its membership.

However, member states may not realize ERIC was started by far-left political activist David Becker, who has dedicated his life to attacking conservatives and advancing left-wing policies. Becker also started the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), one of two leftist groups that funneled $419 million in grants from Mark Zuckerberg to mostly blue counties of swing states, funding Democratic get-out-the-vote operations from government election offices in 2020. ERIC shares voter roll data – including records of unregistered citizens – with CEIR, which then reportedly creates targeted mailing lists for unregistered but likely Democrat voters and sends them back to the states for voter registration outreach.

Additionally, per government watchdog Verity Vote, ERIC doesn’t actually clean states’ voter rolls, but rather inflates them. Though member states are allegedly required to clean their voter rolls, nothing happens. A March 2022 audit by Michigan’s auditor general found the state’s Bureau of Elections failed to sufficiently clean its voter rolls, though Michigan had joined ERIC in 2019. Likewise, the District of Columbia (another ERIC member) has also been sued for its failure to clean its rolls.

There are a lot of election issues we need to get really serious about, and we must put pressure on these GOP state senates and houses to pass real reform. We also need to start ballot harvesting and focusing on the “early vote.” Not to cannibalize our “day of” numbers, but to capture those people that hadn’t planned to vote at all.

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