September 25, 2023

In 1903, the German journalist Ludwig Max Goldberger published a book about his visit to the United States, which he called “The Land of Unlimited Possibilities”. Unlike the U.S., Israel is a small country of limited possibilities. Unlike the U.S., Israel is a country of narrow roads and sidewalks, where it is dangerous to drive because of the huge density of cars and the rush of temperamental citizens, and you can only walk alone – there is no more room for a couple of people walking.

Unlike the U.S., in Israel they all know how to use a gun, for a lifetime of war and acts of terror has taught them how to shoot. In the U.S., many citizens do not know how to use guns, because unlike Israelis, they do not have to serve in the military.

Israel did not choose its enemies, they came naturally from the beginning of the country’s existence. The U.S. chooses its enemies depending on the imperialist game it is playing in one part of the world or another. In this sense, the US is a free country, free to find enemies where and when it wants. Israel is not a free country, it has permanent enemies that it can’t give up.

The U.S. is a country of unlimited possibilities: it is free, it has great business opportunities, it is the strongest in military terms, and it willingly uses taxpayers’ money to right wrongs in different parts of the earth. The U.S. is a country busy fixing regimes and human rights abuses around the globe. The U.S. is a remedial country.

Israel, on the other hand, is the country that spoils world peace and is seen as the aggressor and oppressor.  The territories, which make up 0.005% of the Arab world, form the basis of its conflict with Israel and are a factor in upsetting world peace. The Palestinian Arab people have replaced the Jewish people as the chosen people whose independence has been chosen as the key condition for peace in the world.  The Palestinian people are endowed with the traits of the Jewish people – small, scattered, living in diaspora, persecuted, dispossessed of their homeland, suffering genocide. The Arab world was Goliath, defeated in the Six Day War of 1967 by Israel’s David. But for peace and justice, Israel was declared Goliath, and the Arab world gave birth to its own David, the Palestinians.  

Israel is a country of limited possibilities but unlimited UN resolutions condemning its policies. Israel is the champion and world record holder of UN resolutions condemning its policies. The number of anti-Israeli resolutions exceeds the number of anti-American, anti-Russian, anti-Chinese, anti-Iranian and other anti-resolutions combined. If one takes the work of the UN seriously, one could argue, judging by this record number of anti-Israel resolutions, that fixing Israel’s policies would create a heavenly existence for mankind.

To this cheerful hope, let us add the opinion of an alien to Earth. The alien arrives on our planet and wants to know which country is the greatest impediment to the well-being of its inhabitants. By the number of protests, he finds out:  Israel. Not Iraq, not Libya, not Iran, not China, not Syria, not Russia, not North Korea, but Israel. He goes to the library and reads reference books about the structure and actions of different countries. He learns that Israel is a democratic country with freedom of speech, press, religion, respecting human life and surrounded by a group of tyrannical regimes that openly declare a desire to destroy Israel. He learns that, unlike Israel, in Egypt, homosexuals are imprisoned and in Jordan, suspected terrorist organizations and their relatives are tortured, in Saudi Arabia, women who cheat on their husbands are beheaded, opponents of the regime are killed without trial, in Iran Bahais are jailed and occasionally executed, in Saudi Arabia apartheid against non-Muslims still exists today.

The whole world rages about Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories, but China’s occupation of Tibet and Russia’s occupation of the Kuril Islands and East Prussia does not bother anyone. Israel’s lack of capital punishment goes without saying, and the stoning to death of women in some countries in Africa and the Arab world, slavery and genocide there, too, are taken for granted. The alien finds that Israel has much history but little geography — territory — and this little bit, too, is contested by the world at large for the sake of peace.

The U.S. is a country of unlimited possibilities. It can make peace and make war, create prosperity and destroy, make democracy triumph and defeat it, increase and decrease the amount of happiness in the world. Israel is a country of limited possibilities; it is unlikely to make the world happy by making the series of concessions and corrections that progressive humanity demands of it. If it were to go along with the world and “progress,” the number of anti-Israel resolutions will become zero, because Israel will no longer exist, for Israel is a country of limited possibilities and unlimited enemies.

Map credit: Hruska CC BY-SA 3.0 license