September 23, 2023

Two House Speakers, Paul Renner of Palm Coast and Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, both confirmed current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wouldn’t have to resign from his role, if he were to become the GOP nominee for the 2024 presidential election.

This came after numerous left-leaning media portals were spreading misinformation about the process, claiming it would be impossible for DeSantis to run in the presidential election, while also being the governor of Florida.

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DeSantis 2024 slowly becoming a reality as Florida legislature adapts

The two Speakers were both sworn into their new positions this week on Tuesday. They’ve already done more than Pelosi managed to do in an entire year of work. If that’s not demoralizing, I don’t know what is.

It was only a couple of weeks earlier that DeSantis was reelected to his second four-year term as the governor of Florida, completely dominating his opponents in both the polls and the actual election.

Passidomo told reporters who were present for her statement that she believes any person who is a governor should also be allowed to run for president, seeing as it’s both an honor and a privilege, especially in these trying times with Biden occupying the spot.

In fact, Florida already had legislation that allowed a reigning governor to seek a presidential spot, as it was created in 2008 for Gov. Charlie Crist when he ran for vice president.

Rapid change of course for legislation in Florida

Unfortunately, barely four years ago, the legislators changed course, putting in place the old requirement that anyone running for a new office should put in an irrevocable resignation letter ahead of even qualifying if the terms overlap.

This is the exact situation DeSantis currently found himself in. Some minor adjustments are coming Florida’s way to allow the rising star governor to soar toward the top, mainly because he’s one of the few GOP candidates who could be an actual threat to former President Donald Trump.

While Trump still has the lead, the massive influx of alternatives is bound to send a few blows his way. DeSantis’ support only continues to grow, leaving hope for Republicans that were looking forward to some fresh meat on the presidential ballot.

DeSantis has moved mountains when it comes to making Florida a better place. It’s evident by the lack of Democrats in the state, which was once the most infamous battleground during the elections, staying purple up until the final vote was cast.

It remains unknown whether DeSantis will actually opt for the presidential bid, but with so many eyes on him, it’s more than likely he’ll cave under the pressure.

Although it’s probably for the best, seeing as Trump is losing popularity among Republicans after their poor performance in the midterms.

Much like Trump though, hypothetical polls pitting DeSantis against Biden have DeSantis coming out on top more often than not; that’s the one thing we all needed to hear.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.