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Politicians, bureaucrats, the U.N., and a bunch of rich people had another climate change gabfest in Egypt that ended recently.  These people flew in hundreds of private jets for a conference where they pretended they can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever and pretended they care about their carbon footprint.

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Instead of presenting scientific facts, they base their policies on inaccurate and easily manipulated computer models.  Facts would be inconvenient when they are trying to scare eight billion people into submission.

In 1989, the U.N. predicted we had only ten years left to save the planet from the existential threat of climate change.  In 2022, 33 years later, their newest dire prediction is that we still have around ten years left.  No matter how far off previous predictions have been, the new predictions are more threatening.  They have to figure out a way to confiscate massive amounts of money from the people for their radical green agenda.

Here are some facts they don’t talk about:

  • That extreme cold has hit the South Pole this month.
  • That the South Pole had record cold temperatures in the six-month winter of 2020–2021.
  • That 2022 was a relatively mild hurricane period, just like the ten years after Hurricane Katrina hit.
  • That we had extreme cold weather in the U.S. this month along with record snow in the Northeast.
  • That the Arctic ice caps have been expanding the last ten years, contrary to predictions that the ice would be gone by now.
  • That the coral reef off Australia is growing with a vengeance.
  • That wildfires were down 80% from the last five-year average.
  • After 150 years of exponential growth of crude oil and coal use, and rapid growth in the population and all the other components we are told cause warming, the dire predictions have all been false.
  • The temperature is up only one to two degrees after a Little Ice Age ended in 1860, and the Earth now has a temperature similar to over 1,000 years ago in the Medieval Warming Period.