March 20, 2023

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On November 19, 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich walked into Club Q, a popular gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, and opened fire, killing five and wounding 17 others. We don’t know what motivated Aldrich, although we know he was arrested last year for making a credible bomb threat, after which the criminal justice system let him go. Nevertheless, Democrats are using the shooting to control and silence conservatives. The most recent Democrat intimidation initiative showed up in the Air Force Academy.

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Because leftists control the Pentagon (something that began under Obama, that Trump was powerless to stop, and that Biden accelerated), the academies are as “woke” (i.e., hard left) as any other academic institutions in America. The Air Force Academy has been badly infected, so it’s not surprising that it devotes itself to Diversity and Inclusion.

Nor should it be surprising that the cadet in charge of that particular leftist initiative used the Club Q shooting to intimidate cadets who might be inclined to resist the left’s newest ideas. These include the beliefs that people can magically change sexes, that children should be deluged with alternative sexuality, and that the medical establishment should be encouraging children to take dangerous chemicals (so-called “puberty blockers,” as well as opposite-sex hormones) and have mutilating surgery (“top surgery,” aka double mastectomies, and “bottom surgery,” aka castration or the creation of a Frankenstein-like “penis”).

Image from a U.S. Air Force Academy tweet celebrating its “Transgender Working Group.”

According to the Daily Caller (emphasis mine):