September 28, 2023

The 2020 U.S. presidential election had voters going to bed that evening believing President Donald Trump clearly had been reelected, only to learn the next morning that Joe Biden had mysteriously rallied. Boatloads of ballots giving Biden a statistically questionable win found their way to voting centers, after voting monitors had been sent home for various reasons, such as busted water pipes, in the dead of night.

Efforts to contest the election results by analyzing what happened have been ridiculed by a liberal media or short-circuited by lawsuits seeking to financially drain the ability of concerned citizens to get at the truth.

One such effort has uncovered a disturbing truth that should concern us all, regardless of our political leanings. It generated allegations resulting in an arrest. And, lest liberals believe some conservative attorney general was playing politics, the reality is that the AG involved is a diehard liberal whose election was funded by billionaire “set-the-criminals-free” George Soros.

Catherine Engelbrecht gained the spotlight due to the documentary “2000 Mules,” which used much of the evidence her nonprofit group “True the Vote” (TTV) had obtained to show 2020 voting irregularities. Engelbrecht teamed with election investigative analyst Gregg Phillips to collect a wealth of data questioning election integrity. The mainstream media (MSM) accused them of promoting the “Big Lie” of election fraud.

But as their investigation continued, it caused them to focus on a small American software company operating in Michigan with 21 employees and in Australia with six. The company, Konnech Corp., had nothing to do with collecting, counting or reporting ballots in U.S. elections; it was involved in helping clients with basic election logistics, such as scheduling poll workers. But its contract mandated all data was to be securely stored in the U.S. and only accessible to its citizens. Konnech denied storage occurred on Chinese servers, which later was found to be untruthful.

As information about Konnech began going public on the internet, the MSM immediately jumped in to defend it. They claimed Konnech’s detractors were “using threadbare evidence, or none at all” to suggest it had secret ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – to whom Konnech is alleged to have given backdoor access of personal data belonging to 2 million poll workers. MSM attempted to undermine Engelbrecht and Phillips’ credibility by dismissing them as election deniers, maligning them for citing the fact Konnech employees and its CEO, Eugene Yu, were Chinese. However, even Konnech’s now-deleted website suggested a CCP connection based on many previous and numerous successful projects.

Yu had come to the U.S. in 1986, becoming an American citizen. He denied TTV’s allegations which, the MSM proclaimed, forced him into hiding due to threatening emails he subsequently received. Konnech filed a defamation lawsuit against TTV and obtained a temporary restraining order against it to stop making allegations the MSM deemed as “outrageous.”

But the Konnech story was later updated by former CIA agent Sam Faddis of AND Magazine following Yu’s arrest:

“Los Angeles District Attorney Gascon, a far-left Soros-backed prosecutor is working hard to downplay the significance of the arrest saying that his office’s investigation was ‘concerned solely with the personal identifying information of election workers.’ Still, the fact that Gascon’s office, which works hard to look the other way whenever crimes are committed, made the arrest tells you something about the strength of the evidence against Yu and Konnech. Obviously the evidence was so overwhelming Gascon had no choice but to act.”

Yet charges against Yu filed before midterm elections were mysteriously dropped right afterward.

Ironically, however, because TTV chose not to endanger a whistleblower reporting on Yu’s activities by identifying the source when ordered by a court to do so, Engelbrecht and Phillips spent eight days in solitary confinement for their refusal to do so.

It is clear a government investigation now needs to be launched into Konnech’s operations. Was data about poll workers stored in China for easy access by the CCP? The best way to undermine a democracy is to destroy voter faith in free and independent elections. Konnech’s questionable activities do this.

Sadly, once again, just like the MSM’s denials that a laptop computer turned over to the FBI by a repair shop owner really belonged to Hunter Biden, claiming it was simply Russian disinformation, the MSM dismiss claims of possible election fraud by Konnech, even without making an effort to investigate what happened.

America is in dire straits today because a liberal ideology is given priority over reality. What TTV uncovered about Konnech demonstrates that serious flaws in our voting system, subject to manipulation by unfriendly nations, do exist. Unsurprisingly, it turns out Yu has also made donations to the Democratic Party. But despite Konnech allegedly being behind the “largest data breach in United States history,” our MSM today seem unconcerned, obviously poisoned by a liberal ideology blinding them to reality.

As the MSM tell us claims about voting fraud in the 2020 presidential election are outrageous, what is really outrageous is their straightforward dismissal of the claims.

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