September 28, 2023

Since Joe Biden’s presidency — and even during his 2020 presidential election campaign — there have been real concerns about his health and how it impacts his fitness to serve in office.

These concerns exist not just because of Biden’s age, but also due to his infamous gaffes and struggles with speaking, remembering things, etc.

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To this day, the president has yet to take a cognitive exam and release the results before the public. Some Americans have speculated that Biden won’t do this because the results would not look good for him.

However, in an effort to tone down public concerns about the president’s health, the White House claims that he will soon be taking another physical exam, according to Breitbart News.

The Latest Update From the White House

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, revealed earlier this week that Biden is physically active and in good health. Later, Jean-Pierre said the president will undergo another physical exam in the months to come.

The last time the president underwent such an exam was about a year ago. This is around the same point that Americans were assured Biden is in good health.

All things considered, there is not a very high likelihood that Biden’s next physical exam will result in any additional information being shared with the public.

Despite the comments from Jean-Pierre and other Biden allies, many Americans still have their own concerns about the president’s health and fitness to serve.

More Criticism Against the White House

Earlier this week, White House chief of staff Ron Klain put out a list of the president’s so-called “accomplishments” for Americans to discuss at the Thanksgiving dinner table. This was quite the far-fetched list, with many of its pointers just not being rooted in any facts.

Klain — and the rest of the Biden administration by extension — was ripped on social media for putting this out as something Americans should talk about during Thanksgiving.

Some critics even warned that talking about the list Klain recommended could cause unnecessary and preventable arguments on Thanksgiving.

All in all, as Biden approaches a full two years of being in the White House, his presidency continues to leave much to be desired. At the rate things are going, there is no telling what else will come from this administration.

Though in 2023, Republicans will be taking control of the House of Representatives. Many Americans are thankful the Biden administration will have to work within the system of checks-and-balances, rather than doing whatever it wants on party vote alone.

What do you think about the news that Joe Biden will be taking another physical exam soon and releasing the results before the public? You’re more than welcome to let us know in the comments area.