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MSNBC host Joy Reid (net worth: $4 million or so) graduated from Harvard University. Despite that pedigree, she learned neither facts nor gratitude. And so it is that, in honor of Thanksgiving, Joy Reid lashed out at America, accusing it of being a violent, irredeemably racist country. It’s time to bring a little reality to Reid’s foray into out-grinching the Grinch, not on Christmas, but at Thanksgiving.

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Here’s Reid’s screed:

If you don’t want to listen to this 90 clip of ignorance and hatred from someone who’s had a lot of all-American good headed her way (along with the tragedy of losing her parents when she was young), here are the high points of her speech:

  • Genocide
  • “We are a country founded on violence.”
  • 1619
  • Slavery
  • KKK