September 22, 2023

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It’s inevitable: a delusional nutcase commits a high-profile mass murder, and the Democrats immediately turn to gun control. For them, gun control is the default when you learn that the man who shot up a gay bar is one of the Ts in LGBTQ, so he can’t be used as a cudgel against “transphobic right-wingers,” or that the man who murdered Walmart workers was a Black schizophrenic, so he can’t be used to attack “racist right-wingers.” But if you’re a Democrat, you can always attack guns. Usually, they attack AR-15s. This time, though, Biden went further, attacking all “semi-automatic” weapons—in other words, he’s demanding the end of what millions of Americans use for self-protection.

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When leftists hear “semi-automatic weapon,” they instantly imagine machine guns, endlessly spraying thousands of rounds a minute, with no stopping, as long as the shooter keeps his finger on the trigger. In fact, it’s extremely difficult for consumers to get fully automatic weapons and I’m hard-pressed to think of any mass murder on American soil since the St. Valentine’s Day massacre in 1929 with then-legal Tommy guns.

Semi-automatic weapons are not machine guns. They require that the shooter pull the trigger for every shot fired. However, instead of having to manually rechamber a round after every shot (think of that “chik-chak” sound associated with Granny Clampett’s shotgun), a semi-automatic will automatically rechamber a round.

This speeds up the process somewhat and is definitely a convenience. Indeed, for women, who have smaller and weaker hands, both of which interfere with chambering a round manually, a semi-automatic weapon may be the difference between life and death if they’re fighting off a large, fast assailant.

Image: A woman shooting a semi-automatic pistol. YouTube screen grab.