March 29, 2023

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The deadline for certifying the Arizona election is Monday, Nov. 28, but MAGA candidate Kari Lake is fighting to halt the process because of the many irregularities in the election. Watch here as two journalists, Michael Patrick Leahy and Floyd Brown, talk about the legal fights ahead and the corruption between the RINO Republicans and the Democratic Party to keep MAGA her0 Lake out of office. In the final segment, Lake adviser Caroline Wren says that Lake will not give up the fight.

Part 1: Michael Patrick Leahy: Kari Lake’s Arizona Election Contest Will Expose All The Fraud And Collusion For Voters To See

Part 2: Floyd Brown: Democrats Are “Using The Election Laws” To “Manipulate Red States Into Blue Ones”, Arizona Should Not Be Certified

Part 3: Arizona Election Collusion: Maricopa County Supervisors Are Joining Katie Hobbs’ Transition Team, Caroline Wren Reports

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart