March 29, 2023

An Arizona pastor has come up with an ingenious way of combating the drag queen story hour rage sweeping the nation: He held his own story hour.

On Wednesday, Dale Partridge of Prescott, Arizona, took to Instagram to share a photo of himself reading to children at a local library. In explaining his reasons for hosting the event, he said he was “tired of complaining” about drag queen story hours.

Partridge stated in his post that he read to the children a book he authored himself called “Jesus and My Gender,” which, according to The Daily Wire, teaches “a positive view of biblical boyhood and girlhood.”

Partridge wrote, “I asked myself this question: Why are drag queens seemingly more devoted to influencing kids in their community than pastors? Why is the LGBTQ+ community more effective at engaging the culture than Christians? These are serious questions we must answer.

“Passive, quiet, and effeminate Christianity is NOT working. We must return to a strong, politically engaged, and Gospel-aggressive Christianity. A Christianity where the men (and women) not only speak up but also stop the evil that is coming after our kids.”


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In comments to The Daily Wire, Partridge said, “Fathers and mothers are to raise their children to understand what the Bible says about God, man, Christ, and the church. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Christian men have abdicated this role, leaving children vulnerable to the influence and lies of the culture.”

The pastor is right on the mark here: We Christians and conservatives have a duty to engage in the culture war and teach our children the correct values. If we are not strong enough to preach the gospel, the world will preach its own values to our kids.

One of the most pressing examples of this is the drag queen story hour craze, which indoctrinates children in a view of sexuality that is completely opposed to the teachings of Christ.

Drag queen story hours started out at a few local libraries, but they have since become the latest trend in the culture war and have even been introduced in public schools. This is not limited to secular institutions, either, as some churches have succumbed to the culture and held drag queen events for children.

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What kind of message does it send when even the churches, which are supposed to be the custodians of God’s Word, have embraced the spiritual rot that has set into our nation?

Partridge is right: The LGBT movement has been much more effective in recent years in getting its message across, to the point where gay marriage is no longer up for debate. The conservative movement has largely surrendered to the mob, as evidenced by the 12 Republican senators who backed the so-called Respect for Marriage Act last week.

We can no longer afford to be passive. We can complain all we want, but we need to take active measures. The soul of our nation is at stake in this war, and we can no longer be content with the “live and let live” philosophy that allowed the LGBT movement to capture the soul of our nation.

Partridge shows that the best way to combat the spiritual decay in our nation is to offer a genuine alternative to it. The left does not have to have a monopoly on culture; there are still ways that conservatives can effectively fight back.


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America is not yet totally lost, but if we want to save its soul, we need to do more than just complain. We need to actively combat the moral and spiritual malaise that we find ourselves in.