September 22, 2023

One of the most powerful entities in today’s Russia, atrocious dictator Vladimir Putin’s private army, the Wagner Group, has sent a bizarre but threatening gift – a bloodied sledgehammer – to the European Parliament.

This is the legislature of the European Union of 27 nations, after the latter officially declared Russia a “terrorist state” because of its invasion of democratic, pro-Western Ukraine.

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Europe Just Did What America Still Hasn’t

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, the European Parliament approved a resolution declaring Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” in a non-binding vote serving as a recommendation to the EU executive institutions, the European Commission, and the European Council.

The motion was approved with 494 votes in favor, 44 abstentions, and 58 votes against, sparking all-out fury in Moscow.

The EU legislature thus took a move long anticipated and mulled by the US Congress, which hasn’t materialized to date.

Moreover, the EU Parliament’s resolution called for including the mercenary Wagner Group and Russia’s ethnic Chechen units in the EU’s official list of terrorist entities.

Seeking to restore the former Communist Soviet empire, Russia’s bloodthirsty dictator Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine nine months ago.

However, instead of a three-day victory and conquest of Ukraine, the largest entirely European country, Putin’s invasion has delivered to Moscow one humiliation after another.

With top-notch US weaponry, Ukraine’s ferocious defenders keep inflicting tremendous losses upon the Russian invaders. The former have destroyed some 18,000 units of Russian military equipment and have killed more than 85,000 Russian servicemen in combat, as per the latest stats of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

The figure does not include the casualties of the Russian mercenaries, proxies, and auxiliary troops, which are also estimated in the tens of thousands, bringing the total wounded, killed, or missing Russian fighters to well over 200,000.

As the war turned into a quagmire and then a disaster for Putin, he increasingly relied on the mercenary Wagner Group, run by his close crony Yevgeny Prigozhin, a convicted criminal and brutal billionaire oligarch.

(east2west news photo shows Nuzhin’s dead body after he was killed with sledgehammers by Wagner Group mercenaries)

What Are Putin’s Goons Thinking?!

Yevgeny Prigozhin – known as Putin’s “chef” for his lucrative catering contracts for the Russian military – and his Wagner Group sent on Thursday an actual bloodied message to the European Parliament for its declaration of Russia as a terrorist state.

Representatives of the Wagner Group put a bloodied sledgehammer with the private army’s logo into a violin case, preparing it to be shipped off to the EU legislature based in Brussels, Belgium, and Strasbourg, France.

Prigozhin posted on Russian social media that “according to our legislation,” “we declare” the parliament of the European Union “dissolved.”

Since the war in Ukraine started, “Putin’s chef” has recruited at least 30,000 Russian prisoners to fight in Ukraine, including murderers, rapists, and even cannibals, who have joined the tens of thousands of ex-military already manning the private army.

The bloodied sledgehammer is a nasty symbol of a nauseating recent crime committed by Putin and Prigozhin’s mercenaries against one of their own, 55-year-old Yevgeny Nuzhin.

Nuzhin is a former prisoner who joined the Wagner Group but, on the battlefield, defected to Ukraine.

For still unknown reasons, possibly because of extortion with Russia threatening to kill Ukrainian POWs, Nuzhin was exchanged and handed back to the Russians.

After that, he was killed with a sledgehammer blow to the head. Prigozhin and his equally sick aides posted online photos of the defector’s bloodied corpse, proud of their extrajudicial killing. A video shared on social media shows the actual killing blow.

It remains unclear why the Putin ally believes his sick stunt would scare Western nations from supporting Ukraine’s fight for freedom, especially since the Ukrainians have been winning for months, and Russia’s defeat could even lead to its collapse and dissolution.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.