September 23, 2023

Earlier this week on Tuesday, with a devastating rail strike right around the corner, reporters tried to get an answer out of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who instead replied with her patented pro-Biden bullsh*t.

Despite being asked a direct, simple question, Biden’s french lady rifled through her binder. Then, she made the outlandish claim that the president is already engaged in negotiations with the rail union; although she refused to name one specific person.

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Jean-Pierre lies about Biden’s engagement with rail strike parties

The reporter followed up with a demand for clarification on the statements, as SMART Transportation’s President Jeremy Ferguson stated that Biden has been largely absent from the negotiations.

To no one’s surprise, Jean-Pierre’s response was about as coherent as one would expect from Biden himself. She claimed there’s more than one union president and she will not be revealing any further details on the situation.

Hilariously enough, after all her efforts, Biden threw a wrench in her narrative only two days later. He personally confirmed he hasn’t been involved in any negotiations directly, but rather his team has been doing all the work for him.

Even though the strikes would present a massive disaster if the situation doesn’t cool down in time, Biden has yet to find the time to be bothered with it, as evident by his carefree approach to the looming disaster.

There’s never a plan B

It’s more than likely that Team Biden is as clueless as he is. Considering they’re all immensely arrogant and ignorant, not one of them is capable of understanding business concepts and the needs of the average working American.

It’s made worse by the fact the great revelation he’d made about his involvement with the strike parties was done at an ad hoc interview in Nantucket, where Biden was chilling on a beach, again.

Biden’s lack of awareness would be concerning if we weren’t already aware of how inherently incapable of doing his job he is, but his lack of presence at the White House in these trying times could be extremely dangerous.

We’ve confirmed time and time again that the left can’t grasp the concept of planning for contingencies, as was noted by their poor handling of the Afghanistan situation and the current border crisis.

Whenever things went south, they were thrown into a panic. Without a pre-made, politically correct, and lib-friendly script to read off of, they are bound to stay that way for a while, as every narrative opposing their own is perceived as a threat.

No one on the Biden team, including Biden himself, is capable of doing real work. It’s hard not to think all of them are in it just for the power trip they get with every liberal policy they manage to force on all of us.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.