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Over in Europe, the locals are wondering: “Is Washington still our ally?”

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Such is the mismanagement of relations by the Biden administration, whose gas sales, greenie subsidies from its “Inflation Reduction Act,” and arms sales pretty well have left the Europeans on the losing end.

According to a long report in the Daily Mail, summed up with these bullet points:

  • European Union officials are accusing the United States of profiting off the Ukraine war with Russia over the price of gas and weapons sold by the US
  • One senior European official recently said in an interview with Politico that America is the country ‘that is most profiting from this war’ 
  • The frustration comes as Europeans also raise concerns over President Joe Biden’s green subsidies, which they say could wreak havoc on EU countries
  • The Biden Administration denied the allegations, saying that gas prices have risen due to ‘Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Putin’s energy war; on Europe
  • The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and its ‘buy American’ provisions could kneecap several European countries over the next year

So the arms sales are an issue, given that the U.S.’s $19 billion contributions have dwarfed Europe’s, and show no signs of slowing down. The Europeans, on the other hand, are running out of rockets, their own lesser contributions being more than they can afford, yet they are always being pressured to give more. That is making at least some of them suspicious that this is a Biden Crime Family profiteering operation. The longer the war goes on, the more money they make. As for Ukraine, well, the government there has no serious peace talks in the pipeline with Russia. Plenty of time, though, for Vogue photo shoots. Sounds pretty wretched.