September 22, 2023

Maybe I should start by asking about your old normal. Was it a good normal? A bad normal? Or maybe even an Abby Normal? Human beings do seem to prefer a normal life, where most things are much the same as they were yesterday, last week, the prior month, year or decade(s). Yes, normal – whether it is good or bad – is deeply ingrained into the human psyche.

That is no doubt why the global elitists chose to attack our normal, whatever it was, in their effort to reset the world more to their liking. Given the piles of other people’s money the globalists were sitting on it is difficult to see how their normals could have improved, but I guess if you have control over one world, you want 10. Human nature is quite predictable, isn’t it?

Predictable, however, does not necessarily mean malleable. Behaviorists (in the psychology realm) would disagree with this. Or maybe they have changed since my last exposure to them … quite a long time ago. I was in a college course that met one night a week, and was taught by a researcher from the Salk Institute. He intensely disliked behaviorists, so for our final exam he invited the new behaviorist-orientated psychology chair to our classroom and graded us on how well we could destroy the new chair’s behaviorist arguments. Yes, Salk and those who worked for him thought outside of the box. Sometimes what’s inside the box is good, and sometimes it’s bad. Usually we don’t know until we step into the box or open it up.

The globalists’ normal was actually way better than our normal, because they had arranged most of government, education, entertainment, business, medicine, religion and the rest of culture (including work) to make themselves happy and advance their agendas over the rest of us. Their news propagandists worked very hard to sell the globalist view of the world to the rest of us, but that effort has now died on the vine.

But regarding the various normals now on offer, be of good cheer: the globalist thieves and liars now find their normal under attack, as well. I don’t know that this is taught in schools today, but many of us believe that history repeats itself. God seems to agree with this view (there is nothing new under the sun), but then God’s perspective is, shall we just say, rare.

Ah, but I’ve wandered off topic (which is actually what makes writing fun). We were talking about various normals, and the longing many of us have for a replacement normal for the one that we had before the globalists got uppity about imposing their various normals on us. They thought this would be easy, but dreams, even when they are very normal, die hard.

The good news is, God has new normals for many of us that He has saved for such a time as this. He even has a new normal for the globalists, a very special place that He prepared for those who attempted to hijack His Creation and His role for humanity on this earth.

No one has a longer time frame than God. The world the globalists are trying to bring forth will come at God’s appointed time, not the globalists’ desired time.

“Well, what about our normals? You promised to tell us about normals.”

Indeed, and I am doing just that. Very few of us are going to end up with the old normal that we used to have. Since God is distributing new normals right now, perhaps we can all be grateful for that. Even our religious normals are going to be forever changed. Jesus redeemed us at a heavy cost. God has great plans for this world, and He is not about to turn it over to evil, conniving people who think it belongs to them, and the rest of us are their serfs and slaves. He has already prepared their destiny and appointed their time. Their new normal will be forever, but no one will envy them that normal.

The most interesting new normal to me is the Bride, also known as the Church (across various denominations, but united as one Body under Christ) who is the Head. But all who are a part of the Bride share one characteristic that is often lacking in many churches today: The Bride hears the voice of her Bridegroom, and He hears her pleas. Indeed, He welcomes them, and He acts on them.

The Bride does not rely on religious doctrine or customs like the Pharisees of old did. The Bride hears the voice of her Bridegroom, and she acts on it. The time that we are entering into will be unlike anything the world has ever seen. The Bride will influence all aspects of government, education, business and a host of what we today call secular institutions.

We are entering into the Bride’s time. She will hear and act upon the voice of her Bridegroom, and the world will be transformed beyond any of our imaginations by their union and constant communication. No aspect of society will be left untouched by this union.

Some might ask, “But what power does she have to implement these solutions?” The Bride’s power comes directly from the Throne of God. Who did Jesus say that He was? “I and the Father are one.” Jesus is coming for a victorious Bride, not one hiding in locked down churches, looking for her escape from the world. The Bride is going to show the world what it and humanity were created to be. We get to see it happen! That will be worth any number of dilapidated old normals we may have lost along the way.

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