March 25, 2023

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When I first saw the acronym “CBDC,” I may have betrayed my California roots when I thought it was some new cannabis product that will join all the other CBD products sold everywhere, including at truck stops. I’m not so naïve now, and I know that CBDC, which stands for Central Bank Digital Currency, is possibly the most dangerous idea ever bandied about in American politics.

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The plan is that the federal government would end paper and coin money in favor of purely digital money—all under the government’s control. Suddenly, in addition to your bank’s ATM, you would be dependent on the federal government’s ATM for every penny you possess. It would be the Chinese social credit system and the Canadian “let’s shut down the bank accounts for anyone protesting the government” system all rolled up into one.

Tucker Carlson discussed it on his Friday night show, during which he said, correctly, that it would be the end of America because it would make us all slaves to the government. Do what the government says, and you can buy food and pay rent. Offend the government, and you will be cut off. Suddenly, every American would be a potential January 6 prisoner.

Image: ATM (edited) by fanjianhua.

Sadly, Fox News doesn’t seem to have posted a video of that segment, nor can I find any other videos. However, the gist of it was that our government is claiming that we need CBDC because it’s what China is doing (remember: social credit system) and it’s the only way to keep up with China. Tucker’s guest, whose name I cannot remember for the life of me, said that the flip side of this approach is arguably better: As “money” becomes a button in a government office, people are going to flock to a country that still has actual currency outside of the government’s control.