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Republican National Committee Chair Ronna Romney[i] McDaniel revealed a few days back that she will be seeking re-election.  If re-elected this would be McDaniel’s fourth term.

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McDaniel made the announcement on a call with RNC members from around the country. 

Had the Republicans triumphed during the midterms, McDaniel would have deserved to be re-elected.  However, that did not occur.  The GOP’s performance was thoroughly underwhelming.  What makes it worse is that it happened against the backdrop of Biden’s catastrophic misgovernance which continues to cause immeasurable hardships for the citizens.

McDaniel appeared on CNN the Sunday before the midterms (YouTube screengrab)

  • Inflation still remains at 8.2 percent causing the prices of regular items to skyrocket.
  • The border is open causing human trafficking, smuggling of illicit drugs, and an influx of 5 million illegal migrants including violent criminals.
  • The crime wave and the Fentanyl crisis have placed lives in peril.
  • The January 6th Committee was set up to persecute political opponents. Many January 6th protestors have been subjected to draconian punishment. President Trump continues to be hounded by the Democrats back government agencies on myriad fronts.

But despite all this Biden not only survived but triumphed.