September 25, 2023

After his dinner with the former president at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, Kanye West posted a series of screenshots indicating the party had a third guest, that being the infamous white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

West went as far as claiming Trump was deeply impressed with Fuentes and his opinions. He continued the series of screenshots in a separate tweet where he shared a four-person conversation between himself, Fuentes, Yiannopoulos, and one more person who is yet to be identified.

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Former President Trump denies knowing anything about Nick Fuentes

To no one’s surprise, both of West’s claims were disputed. Trump’s team later issued a statement about the former president’s relationship with Trump, as well as the fact Trump never showed appreciation for Fuentes.

In the screenshots, the unidentified person can be seen blaming the current GETTR CEO Jason Miller for the leaked images of Fuentes dining, alongside Kanye and the former president. After this, Yiannopulous interjects and adds that Miller wrote Trump’s 2024 campaign announcement speech.

After that, Fuentes supposedly told Trump that his ban from GETTR was solely due to Miller not liking him, whereas West added he told Fuentes not to lie to Trump about liking his speech from Tuesday last week.

In addition to Kanye’s series of tweets, Trump’s aide Karen Giorno confirmed Fuentes was in fact present at the Mar-a-Lago dinner; although he wasn’t invited by Trump, but Kanye.

The Trump smear campaigns begin

Trump campaign officials have yet to issue a statement about this development, despite being asked several times by more than a few news outlets.

After several articles were published, the campaign officials confirmed that Kanye did want to visit Mar-a-Lago. Trump planned the dinner out for the two of them, confirming Fuentes wasn’t intended to be present at the event.

Kanye’s revelations of the dinner turned what could’ve been a minor scoop into a massive incident. It’s one that could potentially impact Trump’s success in the 2024 election if the story ends up being spun in a way that depicts Trump as a white nationalist like Fuentes.

Kanye’s claims about Trump liking Fuentes are further challenged by the fact the former president openly disavowed white supremacy after the Charlottesville riots, which Fuentes called a “cucked” move.

Before the meeting even happened, Twitter was in outrage over a clip of Kanye hanging out with Fuentes in Miami, only for the entirety of the platform to shift their attention to Trump a few days later, barely a week after his campaign announcement.

It’s more than likely this whole narrative was manufactured solely with the purpose of smearing Trump ahead of his presidential campaign; considering the amount of buzz it’s getting online, it’s clearly working.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.