September 22, 2023

There’s something distinctly off with Joe Biden’s “POTUS” account. And I used “quotes” because I don’t consider Joe Biden the legit “POTUS” of anything. But anyway, it’s his Twitter account that has a lot of people baffled. When he took it over, hardly anyone followed him for the longest time. The guy who won 81 million votes, couldn’t get a huge following on Twitter, which seems mathematically impossible, but whatever. And then suddenly, he shot up, as if overnight, and now he supposedly has like, 26 million followers or something like that.

Do you believe that?

Well, if you do, you might be an idiot.

Joe Biden’s Twitter account is filled with bots. I mean, a lot of bots.

But what exactly are “bots?”

Well, explained it best:

Scammers are finding great success with a tool designed to infiltrate social media accounts and potentially your personal information: Twitter bots.

What is a Twitter bot? If you’ve seen Twitter accounts spreading fake news or tweets making claims that seem too good to be true, you may have spotted Twitter bots.

These social media bots do nefarious things like trolling and propagating misinformation for purposes that include spinning elections, inciting panic, and spreading malware.

These automated, fake Twitter accounts may be so prevalent that they’ve given billionaire Elon Musk second thoughts about buying the social media giant.

It’s a good idea to learn what Twitter bots can do, how prevalent they are, and how to detect these automated accounts to help protect your devices and personal information.

Twitter bots surge: What are they and what can they do?
Twitter bots, also known as zombies, are automated Twitter accounts that are controlled by bot software. While they are programmed to perform tasks that resemble those of everyday Twitter users — such as liking tweets and following other users — their purpose is to tweet and retweet content for specific goals on a large scale.

The purpose of the bot and its activity can be helpful or harmful.

Twitter bots can be used for helpful purposes, such as broadcasting important content like weather emergencies in real time, sharing informative content en masse, and generating automatic replies via direct messaging.

Twitter bots also can be designed for the malicious purposes of platform intimidation and manipulation — like spreading fake news campaigns, spamming, violating others’ privacy, and sock-puppet marketing.

Can one account cause damage? It usually takes a larger effort. Twitter bots are often part of what’s known as a botnet. A botnet is a broad network of automated accounts that work together to appear legitimate, liking and following each other as if they were real. Worth noting: Bots also operate on other social media platforms.

The “bot war” is an ongoing battle for Elon. I read a recent article about how his account would lose about 13.5 million followers if he got rid of all the bots. That’s roughly 14 percent of his total follower count.


And how many do you think Joe Biden would lose? The answer would be “A LOT.”

Biden’s account is crawling with bots, and if you don’t believe me, one Trump supporter just recoded a bunch of them.

When a Twitter user typed a tweet, urging Elon to remove the fake accounts following Biden, a Trump supporter responded with this fascinating clip

You can watch the video below:

My guess is that the big follower account jump we saw with Biden’s “POTUS” account, comes from an army of bots that are pretending to be “supporters” so the American people can’t see how unpopular and fake this guy’s entire “presidency” is.

If I had to guess, I’d say Joe probably has 6 million real followers… and that’s being generous.

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