March 29, 2023

If Rep. George Santos the new Republican member of Congress from Long Island who has been besieged by a litany of lies about his past that have come to light, including his purported time as a drag performer were to appear on a TV show, it seems fitting that hed pick one where the main character lives a double life and changes wigs a lot. 

The latest revelation about Santoss seemingly never-ending list of lies that was reported by Politico on Friday centered around an old Wikipedia user biography that appears to belong to him and that claims he appeared in the Disney channel show Hannah Montana alongside Miley Cyrus.

The username for Anthony Devolder, a name that Santos has used elsewhere, contains biographical details that appear to line up with the lawmakers life, including being born in Brazil around July 1988. 

And despite a recent claim from Santos that he had never performed in drag, denying reporting from journalist Marisa Kabas and a video published by Reuters reporter Steven Grattan, the bio also claims he worked as a drag queen from age 17 and won several gay beauty pageants. 

Wikipedia data shows the account was created on April 29, 2011, and hasnt been updated since.

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