March 29, 2023

A 15-year-old male student, who had completed his first year of high school in Rosemount, Minnesota, was given five minutes to address his local woke school board.

Never have I ever heard a more articulate and composed teenager make more sense in talking to adults. As someone victimized by the sting of liberal educators determined to jam their ideology down his throat, rejecting any effort to debate issues with him, he spoke passionately.

In a video circulated by the 1776 Project PAC – a group pushing back against the teaching of the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory (CRT) – this young man eloquently explained to the board, in exactly the amount of time allotted, how students were not being given an education in his high school. Instead, he explained, they were being force fed a damaging ideology. While he says the school will not admit what he explains, his comments are based on firsthand experiences.

Providing several examples supporting his claim, he concluded with an announcement that won him a loud round of applause by parents impressed by his presentation. His words not only need to be heard, and heeded, by teachers but also by our military leaders who are imposing the same worrisome ideology upon our troops.

The young man started by sharing what he was told on the first day of school, where the seeds of educators’ “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) program were in full bloom. In an equity statement, the principal gave a “heartfelt” speech about everyone standing together. The principal mentioned all the races individually – except for one – and how much they matter. The young student felt very “uncomfortable” by his principal’s comments. Not only did his discomfort emanate from the fact the student was Caucasian – a race intentionally omitted despite most students there being white – but also having such emphasis placed on each student’s skin color.

The student speaker explained, “To be clear, I don’t need you to tell me that I matter, but hearing the condolences given to other races and leaving just one race out, inevitably you feel like you have done something wrong. … I was told that writing on the white board that ‘all lives matter’ could be seen as political and could be seen as offensive.” He said he was informed that writing lives of minorities matter was not similarly political because it promotes human rights. When he tried to get a response as to why the school’s equity statement couldn’t represent all students, “I was told to ask that question was offensive.” In his further effort to get a logical answer, he said, “I was told ‘whites have a pretty good situation right now,’” leading him to query, “So is that not racism?”

The young speaker explained that due to being told over the school year that he was racist and privileged with the irreversible differences due to skin color repeatedly being emphasized, “I’ve never noticed race more – and it’s becoming the first thing I notice when I meet someone, which has never before been the case.”

The student was in an Honors Government class in which his teacher claimed that “Democrats care more about all people, while Republicans care only about themselves.” That teacher also inferred that socialism is better than democracy, underscored by the fact there was a statue of a socialist leader in the classroom.

Interestingly, the student speaker had been told by fellow students that they went along with the school’s agenda out of fear of getting a bad grade if they spoke out. He shared that even some teachers had told him they agree with him, but they also feared losing their job if they bucked the administration’s agenda.

The student speaker challenged the school board to look in the mirror that evening and ask themselves, “Are you really standing up for the equality of all people, or are you just pushing a damaging political ideology on our students?”

Stating it is clear the school is pushing a leftist agenda, the speaker then made an announcement that won him the immediate congratulatory applause of those present. He said he was leaving the high school to attend a private Christian school.

While the student speaker acknowledged changing schools requires that he make sacrifices, like not being able to celebrate graduation with his current schoolmates, he justified his decision by adding, “I will be able to learn in an environment that is not intent on punishing me daily for my skin color and political views.”

Apparently having planned out his career path already, the young man concluded by telling the board to think about what he has said because some day he intends to become a political leader. “But,” he added, “I will never stop believing that everybody has value no matter their skin color or personal beliefs, and it is going to be a shame” the school won’t be able to claim him as a school alumnus when he launches his political career.

His speech brought out an important point: Wherever CRT and DEI are taught, critics fear exercising their free speech to debate them lest they be condemned as racists. Even former Disney CEO Bob Chapek, who felt pressured to embrace wokeism – much to the detriment of his shareholders – made this point. It is no wonder some schools now are having financial problems as more parents are walking away from public education.

Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, who is black, would agree with the student. She points out teachers are not doing their jobs as, by the time high schoolers go to college, 65% are in need of remedial education. Meanwhile, in the student speaker’s own state, two major school districts reported that at least 10 elementary and high schools did not have a single student achieve grade-level skills in math during the 2021-2022 school year.

It is doubtful I will still be around when this impressive young man runs for political office. But, no matter where my residence may be at that time, I will be pulling for his success to make a positive imprint upon our education system. My only hope is that he can do so before it is too late to reverse the damaging trend set by irresponsible school boards.

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