December 8, 2023

So testifies Skylar Culbertson at The College Fix, after getting threats, doxxing, and no protection at all from The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The film and media senior hosted a table along with her Tribe for Life club to peacefully declare a pro-life message on campus, which went more smoothly than anticipated. However, as Skylar related in her essay, the later response was anything but peaceful:

Some of them I expected, such as the ironic “Skylar is a threat to humanity” post. But the one that sounded alarm bells was: “tribe for life makes me want to commit suicide and also mass murder.” …

As a result of being a conservative voice on campus over the last two years, I’ve been harassed by my peers online and in person, and some have even broadcast my identity online to invite more harassment.

I’ve been censored from showing pictures of the reality of abortion at on-campus events. Our student pro-life group has seen our flyers routinely torn down and vandalized and even had urine thrown at us.

Skylar joined me on The Ed Morrissey Show podcast to discuss the issue and the lack of response from William and Mary’s administration, plus much more. After all, as Skylar points out, the violence in response to pro-life and conservative speech isn’t limited to her campus alone.

“We saw what happened at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond,” Skylar says. “Kristen [Hawkins] was harassed. And then again with Riley Gaines in San Francisco, so yeah, it’s happening all across the country. And it’s crazy that people feel that they need to resort to violence to get across their social goals.”

That’s not to say that the response is any better when guest speakers are not involved. “Last semester, my club did a tabling event and we actually had one student throw a cup of urine on my club members,” Skylar continues. “So thankfully, after the Virginia Attorney General got involved, that student was arrested,” but most of the threats and violence don’t get any response from the school itself.

“I get tons of hate messages,” Skylar says. “My DMs are always full with people just saying the most obscene things to me. And even when we table, it seems that they’re not even willing to have conversations at all. … It is very sad to see.”

What about the school leadership and enforcement of rules and standards? “It’s really up to the administration,” I point out, “to set those terms and enforce them, disciplining people who violate those standards. Have you seen anything like that at William and Mary College?”

“Unfortunately, no,” Skylar replies. “And every time that I’ve run into an issue, I’ve met with a dean on several occasions, and he normally just directs me right to the police department… It seems like the administration at William and Mary is not really doing anything,” she continues, “and it’s unacceptable.”

Some of this is downright stalking, Skylar relates. “I actually I had to go undercover in the Planned Parenthood group chat that the club that we have on campus,” she says, “and I found that they were actually taking screenshots of my Instagram, just talking about me in there. So I was hoping to get that club unchartered just for doxing and sharing all this personal information about me. So it’s crazy actually,” she says with a laugh.

“Last semester there were several students on this synonymous platform, Yik Yak that were actually posting my location. So whenever they would see me on campus, they would be like, Skyler is here at this coffee shop, she’s at the science center. So I even had to have a security guard for one of my events, just to give a presentation on abortion for one of my classes.”

“It’s kind of crazy, isn’t it,” I ask, “that they have this much free time to track you on campus? What are they doing here?”

“I know,” Skylar replies. “I ask myself the same question as well.”

We also talk about whether Skylar feels as though she got an education rather than an indoctrination at William and Mary. It’s definitely the latter, and in her case it backfired. “I was like, oh my gosh, indoctrination is not just a right-wing talking point — it’s real! And ever since then, I pretty much changed,” Skylar says. “Now I consider myself pretty much like a MAGA Republican, about as far right as you can get, all thanks to the craziness of William and Mary and the liberals.”

Be sure to watch it all! There is plenty more to our conversation.

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