December 8, 2023

The IT consultant facing murder charges over the stabbing of CashApp founder Bob Lee is being monitored at a San Francisco County Jail to make sure he doesnt try and kill himself, his lawyer told The Post.

“As is standard process in high-profile cases in San Francisco, the jail always treats it as a high-risk suicide [watch],” said Paula Canny, an attorney representing Nima Momeni.

Prosecutors detailed their evidence against Momeni, 38, last week, claiming he stabbed Lee three times including through the heart on the streets of San Francisco in the early hours of April 4 after they had fought about his sister, Khazar Elyassnia.

Canny said Khazar married to prominent plastic surgeon Dino Elyassnia knew Lee socially but Momeni was merely an acquaintance who had only met the prominent Silicon Valley boss via his sister.

Bob Lee and his sister definitely knew each other, Canny said. Theres a group of well-to-do young people who liked to party.

Canny added Momenis “whole family is super impacted” by his Thursday arrest and noted his mother, sister, brother-in-law and several close family friends showed up for his initial court appearance Friday.

During that brief court appearance, Momeni flashed a heart sign with his hands at his sister, which she made back at him. Nima Momeni is on suicide watch in his San Francisco jail. Facebook / Nima Momeni Momeni is accused of killing CashApp founder Bob Lee. KTVU

Canny added: His mom is super concerned about everything and heartbroken that this kind of publicity and this kind of occurrence would bring attention to her family when theyve really spent their whole lives working hard, being good people and being of service to other people.” see also Who is Nima Momeni, alleged killer of Cash App founder Bob Lee?

An unnamed witness had told police how on April 3, Momeni had grilled Lee about his sister, asking if Elyassnia was doing drugs or anything inappropriate. 

Lee, 43, had assured his alleged murderer nothing out of bounds had happened, but the witness noted it was unclear to them if Lee and Elyassnia had an intimate relationship. 

Prosecutors say video footage from Elyassnias apartment shows Momeni and Lee in an elevator together at 2:03 a.m., then leaving in a white BMW.

Soon after, authorities claim grainy video captures Lee and Momeni standing outside of the BMW for about five minutes in a deserted part of the wealthy Rincon Hills neighborhood.

That’s when it is alleged Momeni stabbed Lee with a kitchen knife, prosecutors said in their motion to hold the suspect without bail. 

Canny noted Momeni had been with Lee earlier in the night of his death, but said she has seen no evidence tying her client to the murder scene. Lee was allegedly stabbed by Momeni with a kitchen knife three times. Bob Lee/Twitter

He was with Bob Lee at a time that night, but the prosecutors are saying he was with Bob Lee when he was killed, Canny said. Im like, OK, show me that evidence please.

Even though they made this quick arrest, I dont have any of the supporting documents that go with the arrest warrant, she added, noting she has not received discovery materials yet in the case from prosecutors.

The police arent saying what happened.

Momeni will be formally arraigned at an April 25 hearing.

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