December 8, 2023

The May 3 Gateway Pundit article on the research of Dr. Robert Epstein by Jordan Conradson adds a new perspective to the edifice of leftist election fraud, and is highly recommended, to better understand the forces aligned against us. Thank God for Dr. Epstein!

“Algorithm (noun) a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.”

At the eternal risk of appearing stupid, we all know what algorithms are. Except we don’t really quite know. Someone correct me if I am even dumber than most, but, within the context of internet communications, my vague understanding of it is: applying, on a massive and specifically individualized scale, the assumption that if someone’s thoughts or actions are ABC, then they probably would have an interest in DEF. Google monitors every online activity the company can access, on each of us. Then they sell their advertisers our data (the ABC) so they can pinpoint messaging and ads to those of us likeliest to want the products or services (the DEF) they are promoting.

So effective were these methods in positively affecting sales, that the biggest players apparently suffered an irresistible epiphany – specifically, if we can sell stuff and make money, then we can put the politicians we like, and who like us, into power and change the world. “Oh my!” they must have said. This is bigger than atom bombs. And even better, because it’s actually immediately usable, without the downsides of Mutual Assured Destruction. And we can use all of our sneaky little algorithms because no one has a clue what algorithms really are!

Dr. Epstein’s research on Big Tech’s election interference focused first on the 2016 contest. His conclusion is that between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes were swung to the beloved Hillary Clinton. In 2020 he suggests that 6 million votes were converted for Joe Biden (perhaps an even harder sell).

It works like this: If an internet user makes such searches and inquiries that suggest a conservative bent, then the same program that would have bombarded him with toothpaste ads after he went looking for a dentist can now bombard him with information conforming to his apparent interest. Except it won’t. It won’t happen that way because the programming masters don’t like those evil right-wingers. They just write code into the program that directs users to sites that promote an anti-conservative narrative. Likewise, the apparently neutral household or individual may see search results first listed that hype the leftist view. And liberal-leftist users can be directed to supportive sources suggesting actions and talking points to harden their viewpoint.

Fair enough, right? We willingly give away our souls and they sell them. They gain control not only of our buying inclinations, but of the scales on which our elections are balanced. Is this an exaggeration?

We also willingly give up our exact physical location, within a yard or so, wherever we carry our cellphones (i.e., everywhere). We give it to the ever-obliging phone companies should the government ever realize how “bad” we are and need to send us a SWAT team. Hence, thousands were identified and arrested for being in or around the U.S. Capitol on J6. And hence, Dinesh D’Souza’s team was able to ID the 2,000 Mules as they moved between certain NGOs and unguarded ballot boxes on election eve 2020, with dozens of fresh new ballots being deposited each time around, as copious video evidence further confirms.

Will Big Tech ever face a legal reckoning? Freedom’s just a courtroom away, right? Just one brave federal prosecutor away, right? Just one little ol’ federal prosecutor who is as brave as, say, Alvin Bragg.

Didn’t one of Hilary Clinton’s judicial flunkies manage to put Dinesh D’Souza in jail, back in 2014, for an illegal campaign finance infraction (purely coincidental to a rather unflattering film he made about her)? He improperly gave a friend $10-grand to contribute to a Republican, which put him over his legal contribution maximum, since he’d already done as much in his own name.

Since Alvin laid 34 felony charges on President Trump (for making the same allegedly illegal bookkeeping entries), why can’t the principals of Google, YouTube, etc., and the cooperating parties at the DNC be charged with 5 or 10 million counts of election finance fraud? The comparable value of their “free” political advertising must be in the billions of dollars.

It represents the DNC effectively “outspending” the RNC, in financing each election cycle, exponentially. By what? A factor of two or three or 10?

At any rate, this should be considered a bit more serious than Mr. D’Souza’s jail-worthy contribution. If justice were to be done, trials for treason and sedition would follow.

Why is our hopeful search for one courageous conservative federal prosecutor no more fruitful than ancient Athens’ Diogenes’ unceasing search for just one honest man?

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