June 4, 2023

As if Chicago doesn’t have enough problems, now police stations are being turned into migrant camps. Illegal aliens are camping out in police stations instead of being housed in traditional shelters. Where’s Kamala?

Kamala Harris won’t go to the southern border but will she go to Chicago? She’s traveled to Chicago in recent weeks to campaign for Joe Biden and her re-election, touting some project or divisive hot button topic to any audience still willing to listen to her. Can’t she find some time to go to Chicago and tour a couple of precincts, get a first-hand look at the consequences the Biden border crisis has reaped? The governor of Texas and DHS bus illegal aliens across the country to ease the burden on border communities. DHS doesn’t get the publicity that Governor Abbott gets because that would reflect poorly on Joe Biden. Abbott busses them to sanctuary cities, taking them up on their claims of welcoming all to their cities, no questions asked. The mayors guarantee there will be no “show me your papers” moments for anyone stopped by the police. So, Abbott offers several cities as options for illegal aliens. They all are volunteers and most choose cities where they have relatives or friends or perhaps a sponsor to help them in a new place.

The thing is that as soon as Governor Abbott and the former governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, began bussing illegal aliens to sanctuary cities in the Northeast, suddenly there was a problem with that. The mayors in Washington, D.C. and New York City had no room for them and no money in city budgets to provide for their needs. Imagine that. Fast forward to today. Governor Ducey may no longer be in office and working with Governor Abbott as a partner for border security but Governor Abbott has no intention of ending the migrant re-location program until Joe Biden secures the southern border. That’s hardly an unreasonable demand after three years of a porous border that has been taken over in many sections by drug cartels and human traffickers.

Chicago is one of the cities on Abbott’s list of sanctuary cities that receive illegal aliens from Texas. There is no indication in the reporting, though, that these migrants came from Texas. Since shelters are full and the city has an inadequate amount of options, despite being the country’s third largest city, the city’s police stations have migrants sleeping on their floor and personal belongings packed in large garbage bags strewn around.

The footage filmed by videographer Rebecca Brannon on Sunday shows row upon row of makeshift beds on the floors of precinct houses, with young kids among those sleeping or running around and playing.

Their personal belongings, some in plastic trash bags, are littered around the lobbies and mounted high against glass windows as other migrants lounge around outside listening to music.

Brannon said she found the camps while visiting eight different stations Sunday across the sanctuary city, which has already declared a state of emergency over the overwhelming influx of border crossers.

One precinct reports it has seen over 100 migrants. This is unsustainable. Police say they are not getting support from the city or federal government. They are paying for supplies like baby wipes and purchasing food.

Other public spaces like airports are being used, too.

“Our system is over capacity,” Brandie Knazze, commissioner of the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, warned late last month.

“Make no mistake, we are in a surge and things have yet to peak.”

Chicago’s new mayor has seen the situation the police stations face but fails to make the connection between Biden’s dereliction of duty at the southern border and the city’s new residents.

New Mayor Brandon Johnson had claimed in his inaugural address that “there’s enough room for everyone in the city of Chicago” — even though predecessor Lori Lightfoot warned that the city had already “reached a breaking point” with more than 8,000 new arrivals.

Last week, Johnson spent his first full day in office visiting some of the overwhelmed police stations to see it “firsthand” — with the Chicago Tribune accusing him of offering “empathy but no immediate solutions.”

He blamed the crisis on people out to “score some political point,” saying: “It’s wicked. It’s unconscionable.”

What is unconscionable is an open border and Border Patrol that are overwhelmed. Biden’s border crisis is an intentional crisis. An open border is not compassionate. It is a national security risk and humanitarian crisis for both the residents of border communities and the migrants. This is Biden’s America.