June 4, 2023
L.A. Dodgers apologize to Satanists for offending them

I find it odd that the alphabet community rallied behind a Satanist group, but then again I shouldn’t. Their whole identity appears to be wrapped up in attacking anybody who still has their genitals intact and used in the manner which God intended.

My LGB friends, run away from the “queer” crowd as quickly as possible! You won the recognition war years ago, and all the work you did normalizing gay relationships is being tossed aside in favor of the complete destruction of Western civilization.

The latest skirmish in the war on civilization happened in Los Angeles because California is determined to lead the way in the destruction of all that is good and right and normal.

The LA Dodgers had invited a group called The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to get an award from the organization, and Senator Marco Rubio pointed something out: their whole identity is based upon the celebration of sin and the hatred of Christianity. Their version of “inclusion” was basically the denigration of Christianity and the promotion of Satanism. Outkick has the story:

“Recently, you stated that Major League Baseball needs to ‘make decisions that are as inclusive and welcoming to everyone as possible, and keep us as apolitical as possible.’ I write to ask whether your League wants to be “inclusive and welcoming” to Christians, and if so, why you are allowing an MLB team to honor a group that mocks Christians through diabolical parodies of our faith,” Rubio wrote.

Awarding a drag group that purposefully mocks Christians doesn’t seem very “inclusive,” now does it?

“The ‘sisters’ are men who dress in lewd imitation of Roman Catholic nuns. The group’s motto, ‘go and sin some more,’ is a perversion of Jesus’s command to ‘go, and sin no more.’ The group’s ‘Easter’ ceremony features children’s programming followed by a drag show where adult performers dress in blasphemous imitation of Jesus and Mary. The group hosts pub crawls mocking the Stations of the Cross and even the Eucharist, the sacrament that unites more than one billion Catholics around the world.”

“Do you believe that the Los Angeles Dodgers are being ‘inclusive and welcoming to everyone’ by giving an award to a group of gay and transgender drag performers that intentionally mocks and degrades Christians—and not only Christians, but nuns, who devote their lives to serving others?”

Rubio’s letter spurred the Dodgers to rethink their invitation, and then, appropriately, all hell broke loose. And the Dodgers backed down, promising to award the group for their dedication to spreading perversion and sin. That is literally their mission.

The Sisters, to be fair, see themselves as a charitable group, and they indeed have 501(c)3 status. They also do everything they can to ape Catholicism and denigrate it, which unsurprisingly doesn’t seem to be very “inclusive.” The whole point of the organization is to mock Christianity, and it is not a coincidence that their opening performance began on an Easter and to this day includes the mockery of the Eucharist and the Stations of the Cross.

On Easter Weekend, during the time of the “Castro Clone,” being extremely bored with the conformist atmosphere three men went out into the streets to challenge the world: Ken Bunch (Sister Vicious PHB), Fred Brungard (Sister Missionary Position) and Baruch Golden. They went in full, traditional habits through the streets of our city and down to the nude beach. One even carried a machine gun (for protection). They were met with shock and amazement, but captured everyone’s interest. Their next appearance was at a softball game where their pompon routine all but stole the show. In the fall of 1979, Sister Hysterectoria (Edmund Garron) and Reverend Mother (Bill Graham) went to the first International Faerie gathering and encountered even more men with the calling. Our 4 Founders, Sister Vicious PHB, Reverend Mother, Missionary Position and Hysterectoria-Agnes convened their friends, chose our name (The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence) and composed our mission statement: to promulgate universal joy and expiate stigmatic guilt.

The names of the original Sisters? Sister Vicious, Sister Missionary Position, Sister Hysterectoria, and Sister Succuba.

There is nothing here that should be remotely illegal, and I wouldn’t want it to be. I am a big believer in religious freedom and if these people are determined to go to hell, who am I to stop them? I endorse others trying to convert them, of course, although I fear it would be a losing battle given their determination to live by the motto “go and sin some more.”

But the legality of their project is not the issue: it is the LA Dodgers celebrating it in the name of “inclusion.” The organization is exclaiming how praiseworthy their behavior is, and Christians have as much right to push back as anybody else. The LA Dodgers have chosen a side in the battle that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have picked.

Undoubtedly many will claim that it is Christians who have picked this fight because that is the accusation always hurled at us. Yet any fair reading of the situation makes it clear that the opposite is the case: the whole point of the organization’s presentation to the world is the denigration of Christian values. They are pretending to be NUNS, for God’s sake. They use crosses and mock the most sacred aspects of the Faith.

LA Pride was not the only group that was upset. A pair of Los Angeles Times sportswriters, Dylan Hernandez and Bill Shaikin were also agitated.

The former decried the team as the latter called critics “right-wing meanies.”

That was last week. This week, on Monday, the Dodgers re-invited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They also issued an apology.

This is the meaning of “diversity and inclusion” in modern America, and it has nothing to do with either diversity or inclusion and everything to do with picking a side against the values of ordinary Americans.

The Dodgers have that right, of course. It should be that way in secular America.

But the rest of us have just as much right to speak up and act out as the Sisters. I hope that many will.

Although this is California, after all. It’s hard to have much hope for that.