June 4, 2023

What could be more offensive to humanity than to have pro-life students handing out literature on the campus of a public university?

I can’t imagine a thing, and neither, it appears, can Shellyne Rodriguez, an Adjunct Professor and artist at the Hunter College campus of the City University of New York.

As an aside, my grandmother went to Hunter College during the Depression, eventually becoming a school teacher in New York City, first in the public schools, and later at a yeshiva. The latter is more surprising than the former since she was a secular socialist Jew whose main relationship with God was blaming the ills of the world on Him.

I know nothing about her views on abortion, but I know she would have been appalled by what happened at Hunter. Shellyne was so appalled by the fact that students were expressing their opinions about abortion that she screamed at them and threw their literature on the floor, behaving in the manner of a 5-year-old during a tantrum.

Ed wrote about this incident earlier in the day, but given my personal connection to the school I wanted to throw in my $.02.

What happened next, though, is what encapsulates the mindset of the current Left. As the video of her behavior spread around the internet lots of people expressed opinions, some positive because of course some people approve of tantrums for the right causes, and most negative, with Americans naively believing that such behavior is anything but common on college campuses.

It is pretty common, actually.

The New York Post sent reporters to get her response to the controversy, and Shellyne outdid herself. When the reporter knocked on her door, Shellyne emerged with a machete and put it on his neck.

Machete. Neck.

I think there is probably a law against that. Just spitballing here, but that seems right. Have to look this one up sometime.

Shellyne seemed to have weathered the first controversy, as she had weathered the fact that she and the police had something of a dustup during the George Floyd riots. Given her behavior that was caught on video–twice now, with increasing levels of violence–I am inclined to think that the police were more likely right than she about any story she has told.

Apparently, Hunter College decided that they had enough of the drama, and fired Rodriguez, no doubt earning themselves a lawsuit for racial discrimination or some other ridiculous charge.

This is academia in the 2020s. People like Rodriguez may not be the norm, but they are becoming so. She has taught at CUNY Hunter College for years, and it is difficult to imagine that this was the first explosion that the college has dealt with.

The lesson is clear: if you are going to assault and threaten the lives of people with whom you disagree, make sure to smash the cameras.