September 27, 2023
Canada's Alleged Native American 'Child Mass Graves' Yield No Bodies - The Conservative Brief

The alleged mass graves of Native American children in Canada have been revealed to be a hoax. The graves, which were supposedly discovered at assimilation schools in British Columbia, have been excavated and found to contain no bodies.

This revelation has sparked a wave of controversy and disbelief, as it contradicts the narrative that had previously been widely accepted.

The story began when questions arose about the existence of these mass graves. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordered flags to be flown at half-mast in honor of the supposed victims, and Pope Francis issued an apology on behalf of the Catholic Church.

The graves were reportedly identified using ground-penetrating technology, but until recently, no actual excavation had taken place.

The allegations led to a series of church burnings, primarily carried out by white activists who were convinced of the truth of the claims. To date, 83 churches have been burned down, a fact that has been documented on an interactive map.

However, the recent excavation of one of the alleged grave sites has revealed a startling truth. There were no bodies found at the site. In fact, there were no graves at all. The entire narrative was based on a falsehood.

Chief Derek Nepinak of the Niegoziibe Anishinabe made the announcement, stating that no evidence of mass murder by Christian churches or schools has been found anywhere in Canada.

It is important to note that while deaths did occur at these schools, they were due to common diseases of the time such as tuberculosis and typhoid. The narrative that native children were forcibly taken from their parents to be Christianized at these schools has also been debunked.

School attendance for Indigenous children was only made compulsory in 1920, the same year it was made mandatory for all other children. Most Indigenous children attended day schools, and those who went to residential schools did so only after a parent or guardian signed an application form.

Chief Nepinak expressed concern that these findings may fuel denialist accounts. However, the facts cannot be ignored. The narrative that priests and nuns at these schools committed mass murder and buried the bodies in unmarked graves has been proven false.

This revelation undermines the credibility of those who have been quick to point fingers at churches and Western history, accusing them of atrocities that have now been shown to be fabricated.