September 27, 2023

Did anyone remember to give these nasty women the memo that Joe Biden is out—he’s now way too much of a liability to the left—so they don’t have to keep making complete fools out of themselves to cover for the regime?

Based on a recent segment from the program, it certainly doesn’t look like it.

From a newly-launched impeachment inquiry over “unproven claims” of Joe’s involvement in certain business dealings, to official firearms charges against Hunter, “it’s been a rough week for the Bidens,” according to Joy Behar, who described the charges as “political retribution.” But first, an attack against President Trump:

He has the vocabulary of a toddler… I think that he is vastly more diminished than, than people see, realize, if you listen to him, he has no words left, and they talk about Biden getting old? This guy can’t, he can’t, put a sentence together.

As the Ronny Reyes for the New York Post noted yesterday:

Rare is the day that President Biden doesn’t tell a lie or garble a sentence, but even by his standards, this week was a mess[.]

(Reyes aptly described these past seven days as, “gaffetastic.”)

Then Sunny Hostin chimed in, saying:

No one should be above the law, whether you’re the president, or you’re the president’s son, and I believe that firmly. But what is making me a little uncomfortable about the Hunter Biden case is that you know, 99% of these cases where you have someone that applies for a firearm, and they hide the fact that they’re addicted, don’t get prosecuted.

First of all, the application form on which Hunter lied has an explicit warning on it, noting that the buyer understands a drug user is “prohibited from purchasing or receiving a firearm” and lying with respect to the purchase of the firearm in question is “a crime punishable as a felony under Federal law” — so to say that Hunter did nothing more than “hide the fact” that he’s a drug user is not only incorrect, it’s deceitful.

Hostin continued, stating that because others apparently escape charges for the same alleged violations, federal prosecutors slapping Hunter with the lawbook was making a mountain out of a molehill, a “big deal” out of nothing as she says, and it therefore amounts to “political prosecution.”

And as the cherry on top, Hostin claimed the “hypocrisy” of states that recognize the right to open carry, “kills” her:

I mean, all of a sudden this should be indicted, yet you have states where you can open carry without even applying for a gun so that’s the hypocrisy. It kills me.

Oh my word, do these women know anything??? What does “apply for a gun” even mean?

Oh, but then… then, it really took a turn for the stupid hills, when Ana Navarro piped up:

Going back to the Hunter thing and the gun charge, federal gun charges against him. So look, he was in the throes of addiction. He was in a very bad place.

And you know what, they do really stupid sh— choices.

They lie. They commit crime. Hunter Biden did that. He filled out this form. He’s not claiming that he didn’t.

Oh, so addicts get to escape consequences? (I almost wish Trump would claim to be an addict just to watch them go ballistic.) But she kept digging, claiming “This is the only time Republicans don’t want someone to have a gun”

What an asinine thing to say—sure, there are plenty of “someones” I don’t want having a firearm, but my personal desires bear no weight on a person’s right to keep and bear arms… and Hunter Biden doesn’t make the cut. He’s a total loser, fascinated by a certain part of his anatomy, whose main focus appears to be documenting sexual escapades and drug binges. I’m not worried he and his long-gone little 6-shooter are an actual physical threat to myself or my family’s safety. (What I do want to know regarding the gun debacle is how much the Secret Service covered for him, and what sort of corruption occured.)

Secondly, I consider the ATF form 4473, the one on which Hunter lied, illegitimate, because the agency as a whole exists outside the legal framework of the federal constitution, so no, I really don’t think that a tyrannical bureaucracy has any right to demand these sorts of answers—but, if Hunter’s going to get away with it, then so should the little guy.

The only “someone” I don’t want having firearms isn’t really a “someone” at all, but rather an entity, and that’s the federal government.

If you have the time, you can watch ten-minute clip is below:

Image: YouTube video screen grab.