September 27, 2023
Video Playlist: Liz Wheeler - The Thinking Conservative
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A rock star to millennials! When it comes to politics, Liz Wheeler is a television and social media sensation. Outrageously smart and well informed, Liz tackles tough topics from happening today. She is a political commentator and author of the book Tipping Points: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards.

Liz Wheeler is unapologetically one of the conservative movement’s boldest voices. Blocked by AOC, demonetized on Facebook, and whispered about at the Snopes water cooler, Liz is undeterred, maybe even energized. As the host of The Liz Wheeler Show, Liz is a voice of reason for millions of Americans as she guides them through the most important stories that no one else is telling.

The Liz Wheeler Show

One of the most anticipated new podcasts of the year, The Liz Wheeler Show is a personal, researched, and unapologetic take on how we think about our culture—or what’s left of it. This courageous new show shines a floodlight on the shadows cast by the mainstream media, illuminating what they don’t want you to see and elucidating their murky motives along the way. In each and every episode, Liz Wheeler is your voice of reason and your guide through the most important stories that you won’t hear anywhere else.

The Liz Wheeler Show Highlights

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