December 11, 2023

A recent study released by the Society for HR Management (SHRM) revealed research detailing the prevalence of age discrimination in the workplace and its impact on the U.S. workforce. 

The research noted that 30% of U.S. workers say they have felt unfairly treated due to their age at some point in their career.

Of these workers, 72 percent say it even made them feel like quitting their job, the study results reveal.

The survey found that 26% of U.S. workers age 50 and older report theyve been a target of age-related remarks in the workplace, and among U.S. workers age 50 and older, one in 10 say theyve at some point felt less valuable at work compared to younger workers.

To combat age discrimination when applying for jobs, experts say it makes sense to review your resume so it doesnt typecast you as an applicant of a certain age, or a stereotyped skill set.

Human resource experts and job recruiters shared insights into items on your resume that could be showing your age which could, in turn, lead to age discrimination. 

Here’s what to know.

For most jobs, you should only include your past 15 years of experience, noted Marc Cenedella, founder, Leet Resumes ( in New York. 

“If you include anything beyond that, you put yourself at higher risk of age discrimination,” Cenedella told FOX Business. 

He noted, “The hiring manager doesnt need to hear about your part-time fry cook job from when you were in high school.”

He also said, “If youre applying for jobs today, you should have enough skills and accomplishments to highlight during the past 15 years to impress the hiring manager.”

If youre using a Hotmail or AOL email address, Cenedella said youre telling the hiring manager you havent bothered to keep up with trends for two decades. 

“Switch to a Gmail account or an email account connected to your own branded website,” he recommended.

If youre still using two spaces after a period, its time to say goodbye to that old typewriter-based convention, he said. 

“While it may seem like a small thing to have an extra space, its like circling your age with a big red marker. It serves as a glaring indication that you havent kept up with writing and formatting expectations,” Cenedella told FOX Business. 

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Graduation dates, especially from early education, can quickly allow for age calculations, said executive coach Jessica Hill Holm of Hill Holm Coaching & Consulting (

She’s based in Sweden and works with clients across the U.S. 

“The fix is to prioritize higher educational qualifications and achievements. Leave out the graduation dates, focusing instead on the institution and course of study,” she said.

If your resume is missing recent technology or tools, this may make you seem out of touch, said Holm.

“Emphasize your adeptness with current software, tools and programs. This showcases your readiness to tackle modern challenges head-on,” Holm told FOX Business. 

Age is but a number, said Holm.

What truly counts as an applicant is the ability to deliver, adapt and grow. 

“By refining your resume with these strategies, you’ll ensure that prospective employers witness your brilliance, unclouded by age-related biases,” she continued. 

“Remember, your resume’s ultimate goal is to open doors to discussions so that your authenticity and competence can truly show.”

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