December 9, 2023
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Do you want the speaker of the House to speak, or do you want the speaker of the House to herd cats? If it’s the latter, and it usually is, a congressman in his second term seems like the wrong guy. If it’s the former, Byron Donalds is your guy.

Obviously, the Floridian presents an opportunity to make history in elevating the first African American to the speakership. But his television presence and ability to effectively debate leftists on their home court makes him even more appealing. His handling of Joy Reid earlier this year won many over.

Possibly some Republicans hope for a more under-the-radar speaker, and one can understand such an argument considering the ongoings of the last few weeks. Possibly others want a skilled hand equipped to corral an unruly caucus. Recent events bolster this rationale.

For those who wish for the speaker to speak for Republicans, Donalds looks like an attractive choice.

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