December 5, 2023

Anybody else here sick and tired of the Joe Biden sycophants coming out of the woodwork to declare his innocence time and again when more evidence of corruption surfaces?

It’s exhausting.

Here’s one such sycophant:

What was noted Hollywood has-been and leftist Xwitter mouthpiece George Takei talking about? Margot Cleveland at the Federalist summed things up quite nicely on Monday:

Bank records released on Friday show Joe Biden received $200,000 from funds his brother Jim Biden siphoned from the failing health care company Americore. Beyond providing more proof that President Biden directly profited from his family’s selling of influence, this new evidence — when read together with Americore’s bankruptcy filings — reveals Joe has the money that rightfully belongs to innocent creditors.

On Friday, James Comer, the chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, announced that bank records, provided in response to subpoenas the committee issued last month, revealed Jim Biden wrote a $200,000 check to his brother, now-President Joe Biden, on March 1, 2018 — the same day the failed Americore wired $200,000 to Jim and his wife Sara’s personal bank account.

In releasing a copy of the check and details of the discovery, Comer referenced Joe Biden’s June 2023 quip, “Where’s the money?”

“We have found a $200,000 DIRECT payment to Joe Biden,” the Republican chair countered last week, publishing a photograph of the check Jim Biden signed. The memorandum line described the money as “for loan repayment.”

In announcing the discovery of the direct payment, Comer highlighted the “immediate questions” that “President Biden MUST answer for the American people,” including whether any documentation proved “he lent such a large sum of money to his brother,” and whether he had “similar financial arrangements” with other family members. The Oversight Committee chair further asked whether President Biden knew “the same day James Biden wrote him a check for $200,000, James Biden had just received a loan for the exact same amount from business dealings with a company that was in financial distress and failing?”

While those are all great questions, no matter the answers, President Joe Biden financially benefited from his brother Jim’s trading on the family name, to the detriment of Americore and its creditors.

Cleveland notes that all in all, James Biden procured some $600,000 in loans from Americore on the promise that he’d raise $2 million in bridge capital for the company, something he didn’t do — and when Americore ended up filing bankruptcy, Brother Biden settled for just $350,000 with the bankruptcy trustee. Meaning he made off with $250,000 — $200,000 of which Joe stuck in his pocket.

The question is: Since the $200,000 payment James Biden made to Joe Biden was marked as a “loan repayment,” where is the evidence of the original loan?

It doesn’t make all that much difference, you know. Either way, the Bidens looted somebody else’s company and got away with a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of the investors’ and/or creditors’ funds.

If you or I tried to do that there would be some unpleasant consequences. For the Bidens?


It’s a classic case of villagers vs. pillagers, a story as old as time. In the old days, it was warriors on horseback riding through the village, setting fires, running the blacksmith through with a sword, beheading the baker, and carting off the tavernkeeper’s wife and children as slaves. But now the pillagers are a little bit different. (WATCH: The Spectacle Ep. 31: Pillagers and Villagers)

Now they’re the people who promise that their political connections can get your company bridge-loan capital from Saudi Arabia or Abu Dhabi because they’re “connected,” and on that promise you get sucked dry.

And as easy as you’d think it would be to stay away from leeches like the Bidens, there sure are lots of folks who got mixed up with them.

And why not? The villagers aren’t having all that great a time of it right now. It seems that making friends with some pillagers is the only way to fly.

Who’s living better than this, after all?:

It’s Joe Biden‘s favorite place — his summer home in Delaware where he has decamped dozens of times during his 1,000 days as Commander-in-Chief.

As revealed on Tuesday he has spent at least 300 of those days either in the country’s second smallest state or on vacation.

He bought the home at a time that it appeared his political career was over — five months after his Vice-Presidency had ended he was well into his 70s and after all he had decided to forgo a 2016 run for the top job.

But now that house in the tiny town of Rehoboth Beach could turn out to be a major embarrassment as Republicans continue their push to find business links between the 46th president and his son Hunter. has discovered that then-private-citizen Biden, who had spent virtually all his adult life in public service, bought the home for slightly under $2.75million — in cash.

And making the transaction even stranger it was within weeks of a highly questionable text that Hunter had sent to Runlong ‘Raymond’ Zhao, an associate at Chinese oil giant CEFC asking to seal a deal worth $10 million a year.

‘I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled,’ Hunter wrote Zhao on WhatsApp on July 30, 2017.

He then appears to threaten Zhao — who he calls Z.

‘Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand,’ he writes at 9.45 am.

‘And now means tonight,’ he adds, apparently referring to time in Beijing, which is 12 hours ahead.

‘And Z if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang or the chairman I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction.

He signs off emphasizing: ‘Ok my friend — I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father. I sure hope whatever it is you are doing is very, very, very important.’

There is no proof that Joe Biden actually was sitting with his son, but metadata from photos obtained by from Hunter’s infamous abandoned laptop show he was at his father’s main house, his Wilmington mansion, the day the text was sent.

James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee and one of the key figures leading calls for Biden’s impeachment, said the all-cash house purchase is suspicious.

‘The fact that Joe Biden purchased a luxurious beach house around the same time his family was receiving millions from a CCP-linked company raises many questions that need to be answered,’ Comer told

Must be nice to have the kind of financial management skills whereby you spend your whole adult life making a government salary as a U.S. senator, and then out of the blue you choke out $2.74 million for a beach house once a check clears from China.

And yet the George Takeis of the world will react to this by championing your financial rectitude.

Think anybody is really buying this?

Honestly, I don’t think the Bidens care. I think they’ll happily tank the entire country in an effort to preserve power and keep the pipeline of greasy cash flowing — because they know the machine they’re plugged into won’t collapse under the proof of their pillaging. The machine is built on pillaging, after all.

This is the most scandal-plagued presidential administration in the history of these United States. Maybe even the Western world. And half the country is willing to beclown themselves to prop up the Bidens.

Maybe it’s more fun to be a pillager. Maybe our culture, which is based on the concept that we develop the character to be successful villagers, has broken down to such a sorry extent.

I don’t know. I can’t say.

But I can say that Dirty Joe and his atrocious family are irredeemable, and nothing he does can be taken at face value given the viable suspicions that it’s been paid for in advance under the table.

I wonder when or whether Comer and his investigators might ultimately tie James Biden, or Frank Biden, the other ne’er-do-well brother, to Mexican drug cartels or their cutouts — which would explain our otherwise inexplicable wide-open southern border and those federal agencies happily trafficking kids to cartel operators throughout the country.

Will that wake the villagers up? Will that force an end to the Biden pillaging?

It’s hard to say.