December 6, 2023

After President Trump all but eradicated the Islamic State terrorist group, many of the caliphate’s brides returned to the countries from whence they came, and apparently went right for the “education sector” and children, finding gainful employment.

At least that’s the story told by a “shocking” new report out of Sweden; from an article published at Remix News discussing the findings of the investigation:

More than a quarter of all ISIS brides returned to Sweden from the Al-Hol camp in Syria are now working with young children in the Swedish education sector, an investigation by the Expressen newspaper has revealed.

Of the 81 women confirmed to have fled Sweden to join the Islamic State at the peak of its power and subsequently repatriated, 21 were found to now be employed in Swedish schools, kindergartens, and asylum centers for kids.

Naturally with the revelations, certain politicians were upset, as least ostensibly:

‘This shouldn’t have been allowed to happen,’ said Education Minister Lotta Edholm in response to the news.

‘It is completely unacceptable that people who are IS terrorists work in the Swedish school system, leisure centers, and the like,’ she added.

This is a kind of giving “we premier intelligence agencies didn’t know low-brow Hamas terrorists were planning to butcher civilians” vibes—a western European government, whose citizens have dealt with numerous instances of jihadism and no-go zones (“problem areas” according to leftists) because of migrant criminality, couldn’t conceive that those who went off to join ISIS might come “home” harboring the same views, and head right for where the children were?

By no means am I any sort of “austere religious scholar” (the esteemed label given to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi by WaPo), nor am I expert on Islam, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a trained academic to recognize that children are nothing more than a means to a jihadi end. Cultural customs and “celebrations” like bacha bāzī take precedence over childhood innocence; children are the preferred human shields, because what kind of Judeo-Christian heathen would shoot a man if there’s a baby in the way; and, children are naturally inclined to trust the adults over them, meaning they make for good pupils, and for a movement that relies on indoctrination, the younger the better.

Of course these women would go right for the children.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Islamic State as a caliphate was dismantled, its men sent to their Maker or scattered to winds, but with Joe Biden “in charge,” things are on the up and up for terrorist regimes around the world, and in recent weeks, there have been a number of black-and-white jihad flags flying at pro-Hamas protests and demonstrations around the world—but don’t get it confused! These are “shahada” flags, not ISIS flags. Yes I know, the “declaration of faith” text from both flags reads exactly the same, and the ISIS flag includes the second part of the shahada, but again, these are not ISIS flags, they’re just generic killer Islamic jihad flags.