December 3, 2023

Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden for needing to use the “children’s stairs” to board Air Force One as a video emerged of the President botching his introduction at a speech promoting his economic policies.

Trump, speaking at a rally in New Hampshire on Monday, referenced Biden’s use of a shorter staircase to board the presidential airplane.

“Crooked Joe can’t even walk up the children’s stairs,” he said, eliciting laughter from the audience.

“This guy goes to the little stairs. We call them the children’s stairs,” added Trump. “And now he’s made it a common practice because he can’t quite make it up or down.”

The GOP frontrunner also took a jab at Biden for “sleeping on the beach all day” while the world inches ever closer to a third World War.

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Biden Gets Lost In His Thoughts On The Way To The Podium

Trump’s mockery of Biden’s frailty and incompetence comes as viral video shows the President wandering up to a podium before a speech on Bidenomics and forgetting he was supposed to be introduced first.

As Biden launches his way to the podium, the crowd can see Mark Anthony Thomas, president and chief executive officer of the Greater Baltimore Committee, looking around bewildered as to why he wasn’t at the platform instead.

At some point, the President realized he had jumped the gun.

“I’m not introducing me. Mark is,” Biden said. “I forgot.”

“I went straight to the podium,” he sheepishly added.

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Press Conference Gets More Bizarre

Honestly, it’s good to see President Biden mix things up a bit by getting lost at the start of one of his speeches. Typically, he likes to get lost as he’s leaving the podium.

Getting lost on stage is now practically a time-honored tradition.

In fact, it occurs with such frequency that former President Trump has mocked Biden for that as well.

For their part, the White House cut out Biden’s initial remarks and the introduction by Thomas in the official transcript.

At the end of his speech, Biden blurted out something about needing to be whisked away to the Situation Room.

“I have to go to the situation room. There’s an issue I need to deal with,” he told those in attendance.

The White House has yet to confirm why the President was so urgently needed in the Situation Room, though our best guess is that there was a Pudding Pop delivery at that very moment.

Biden then confused hostage negotiations with a ceasefire when asked by a reporter if he supported such a deal.

“We should get the — we should have a ceasefire — not a ceasefire, we should have those hostages released, and then we can talk,” Biden eloquently stated.

Clarity of thought is not the President’s strong suit.

Reports surfaced over the summer indicating that Biden had taken to using the shorter steps – or “children’s stairs” as Trump calls them – as a means to keep most of the climbing aboard Air Force One inside the plane, out of public view, as a means to prevent people seeing his many stumbles on the other set of steps.

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