December 3, 2023

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Brett Turner is the founder and CEO of Trovata an open banking platform for automating cash management.

Turner is a seasoned entrepreneur with successful startup exits like Demand Energy and 2nd Watch. He started his career as an auditor for Deloitte and also held a notable position at Amazon. He has a BA in Finance from Seattle Pacific University.

Alongside other Fintech leaders, Turner will participate in Benzinga's Fintech Deal Day event in NYC on Nov. 13. He will share his expertise on the topic of "Enabling Embedded Finance: Strategies and Best Practices."

In an interview for Authority Magazine, Turner reflected on the moments that led to the founding of Trovata. He recalls his tenure at World Wide Packets (WWP) as challenging.

"All the investors those who were early and those who were new all were asking questions about how cash was being spent. How was it being spent? Where was it going? Were we being efficient with the money that investors were giving us to rebuild and grow the company?" he said.

Turner acknowledged this put him in a difficult situation but made him tackle these problems by building the necessary tools and learning a valuable lesson in automation along the way.

"You must gain leverage through automation if you are going to be taken seriously as one who can add strategic value to the business," he noted.

A decade later, Trovata was his answer to bring such solutions to the market, with the purpose of making the tedious parts of finance easier.

By leveraging open finance connections and APIs, Trovata is the ideal bank-agnostic cash management platform for any business. It empowers finance and accounting teams by giving them complete visibility of all their accounts, balances and transactions in real time. Clients can monitor, detect and analyze any inconsistencies and make financial forecasts in minutes instead of hours.

Still, Turner doesn't rest on his laurels, recognizing the need to innovate continuously.

"If you're not making positive changes daily, the business will become stagnant. When that happens, your employees will not feel safe or secure in their jobs because they won't be seeing positive results," he said. Turner also emphasized the need to run a tight-knit, diverse team where people can rely on each other.Loading… Loading… Loading…

True to this approach, Trovata recently launched an AI assistant (Trovata AI), leveraging the power of ChatGPT without accessing customer data.

Instead, it acts as the middleware by allowing customers to give inputs while focusing on delivering accurate and reliable results. This technology will enable ChatGPT to assist customers in compiling financial reports nearly instantaneously.

Turner looks forward to seeing more clients use this proprietary, patent-pending technology.

"Gone are the days of what if. Now, everybody will be able to navigate their finances quickly and effectively. We are thrilled for more people to get their hands on it," he said.

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