December 11, 2023

Barack Obama is not a learned man, but it’s a mistake to confuse that with stupidity. He is, in fact, an extremely clever man. Combine that cleverness with the fact that he truly dislikes Israel and has aligned himself with those countries and groups that wish to destroy the country, complete with the genocide of all of its inhabitants, and you end up with someone who covertly signals to Israel’s enemies his ideological allegiance with them, even while seemingly treading a morally meaningless line right down the middle.

Those of us who have paid close attention to Obama over the years know that he dislikes Jews and Israel. Here are just a few facts supporting that contention:

These are just a few examples.

After Hamas’s maniacal, psychotic, brutal attack on Israeli civilians on October 7, Obama kept a very low profile. The other day, however, he agreed to give a full interview on the subject to Pod Save America, a left-wing media outlet.