December 2, 2023
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I’d like to address the incorrect allegations about the human causes of “climate change,” from a more scientific perspective. This represents over five years of research into published papers and articles, as well as years of informal scientific investigation, comprised of taking water samples for observation from many oceanic bodies of water from around the world.

In a conversation with a friend of mine, astrophysicist Dr. Laurance Doyle—participating researcher for the Kepler Space Telescope and principal investigator at the SETI Institute—we both agree that the Milankovitch cycles of the earth’s tilt and certain solar activities of our sun have the largest influences on the earth’s atmospheric conditions, and hence in the longterm, the climate of the earth. Of those atmospheric conditions, cloud cover is the largest regulator of the energy from the sun that reflects back into space. The physics of entropy tells us that all of the energy coming from the sun is reflected back into space, except for the energy stored.

There is growing evidence that emissions from tail pipes and smokestacks, in other words the burning of fossil fuels, may not be a problem after all in the quest to control climate change. It turns out that these emissions have little to no effect on global warming. How is this so? In order to answer this question, we must first examine how we have been misled.

We can start with Al Gore in his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” The film makes the assertion that the current global climate change has an anthropological element that is increasing the rate of the rise in average global temperature. His claim is that through the burning of fossil fuels, CO2 is being added to the atmosphere, acting as a greenhouse gas, trapping heat energy that would otherwise escape into space. His premise is that by stopping this man-made addition of CO2, climate change will cease. Then the polar ice caps would stop melting and hence the rising level of the oceans would stop, the severity and frequency of weather events, such as droughts and hurricanes would lessen, and all the other ills his film points out would be rectified. His principle argument is that increasing levels of CO2, which correlate closely with increases in temperature, is causing the change.

By Don Challenger

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