December 2, 2023

You know – you KNOW – that’s what today’s little outburst from the perpetually pained children at “Just Stop Oil” (JSO) were thinking.


It’s been weeks since one of their malicious, juvenile stunts really caused anyone any heartburn or even, God forbid, made a BBC news broadcast, and I’m sure it’s been burning shriveled vegan butts. The news has been dominated by the massacre in Israel, the Hamas sympathizers protesting in massive numbers every single weekend, the singularly unique spectacle of Scotland’s first minister demonizing an ally while publicizing his in-laws plight as Gaza residents (they’re out safely now), and the potential of Britain’s Remembrance observances being disrupted (or worse) next weekend by Jew-hating throngs in the hundreds of thousands.

No one’s paid JSO’s nonsense the least bit of attention lately, no matter the stunt. A week and a half ago, the spray happy enfants terribles had fire extinguishers filled with their signature orange paint, and used it to make a mess of the two-hundred-year-old Wellington Arch War Memorial. The “eco-yobs” (and I am so stealing that) crapped all over that glorious memorial, had their little orangey smoke flares going, hung a banner, and gave their usual sad little speech.

But it didn’t stop the King’s Life Guards. Rode their horses through the arch right on schedule for all the orange-glo.

No worries. DERP.


Didn’t they look even sillier for that – compounding the utter embarrassment by tweeting inanities like,

What use is art when drought and wildfires ravage our pleasant land…”

OMG. That’s trite enough to force even a heroin addicted beat poet to run screaming for the hills.

The little yobs also should have had to scrub the arch down, but I realize that’s too much to hope for, as the only Manual Labor they’re vaguely familiar with is an oppressed immigrant’s name.

What to do, what to do – you know they spent the next week brainstorming with the combined power of probably a cerebrum and a half. And it shows in what they came up with – attacking national treasures again. Originality points deducted.

They must have heard the chatter about the Cenotaph as far as worry the Hamas supporters had plans to desecrate it, so JSO figured they’d do something there for SURE. But they were cagey, and split their guerilla forces into two attack parties. One group went to “die-in” at the Cenotaph in front of Whitehall.

Just Stop Oil have shamelessly “invaded” London’s Cenotaph memorial today in the latest of their protests to hit the capital. According to eyewitnesses, protesters from the group laid themselves down on the ground in front of the Remembrance memorial – just days before the nation will come together on November 11.

Pictures from the scene show protesters spread around the memorial with their hands behind their backs. Police officers can be seen trying to speak to the protesters.

The Sun’s political editor, Harry Cole, tweeted a photo of the Cenotaph along with the comment: “Just Stop Oil have invaded the Cenotaph.”


The other?

Damn their black little shriveled hearts – a pair of the vermin headed back into the National Gallery to take a shot at yet another priceless art treasure.

No soup for you,” said the Just Stop Oil Nazis to the painting. “We’ve got hammers this time.”

WHEN is someone going to tackle these cretins? EVER?

Canadian lawyer David Freiheit did notice something about the painting protection passionate pulverizing equipment.


At least Metropolitan police arrested them after they gave their speech and put their plastic hammers away.

They’re all hypocrites, grifters, and malicious malcontents. They have no higher calling – this is an excuse to luxuriate in exercising the worst of their nature. They’d be torturing animals in the neighborhood if they hadn’t glommed onto this phony baloney “cause” that keeps their feral medulla oblongatas* occupied destroying things “in the name of.” They don’t live it – they’ve all got Doc Martins, iPhones, and polypropylene handled hammers.


* Science™ – an enlarged medulla oblongata in the lower orders makes them aggressive and unreasonable

Just Stop Oil is awash in oil.

Stop indulging them.

Stop allowing them to destroy bits and chunks of precious things in fits of pique for cheap publicity and bad poetry.