December 11, 2023

On Oct. 31, a group of parents working with the Advocates for Faith and Freedom, a law firm dedicated to protecting Americans’ religious freedoms, sued California’s state government. The lawsuit could lay the groundwork for a good many things — most importantly, for establishing parental rights when it comes to health care for minors. (READ MORE: California’s AB 957 Strikes Against Parental Rights)

The lawsuit alleges that SB 277, the California law that removed the option of a religious exemption from vaccinations for children in public and private schools, violates parents’ rights to make decisions regarding their children’s health care. The plaintiffs in the case argue that parents should be able to decide whether their kids receive vaccines reportedly made with or developed using fetal tissue from aborted children. It also pointed out that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has repeatedly indicated that he could require the COVID-19 vaccine for school attendance, even though the disease is extremely mild among children. (READ MORE: More Americans Are Avoiding COVID Vaccines)

This case could have massive implications for parents seeking to defend their right to know about the medical care their child is receiving, whether that is a gender transition, vaccine, or abortion.

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