December 3, 2023

I have been incredibly (and justifiably) harsh on most of the anti-Israel protesters and academics, but I do believe that there is plenty of room for debate about Israel’s response to the 10/7 attacks. People of goodwill can disagree on the best path forward for Israel.


But damn, there really are few people of goodwill out there. Most of the protesters and Israel-bashers as just antisemites and/or anti-White/anti-Western.

This is true both of the protesters in the streets and the academics who have openly sided with Hamas or at least Palestinian radicals. Most of them just hate Jews, almost all make it clear that they want Israel wiped off the maps. “From the river to the sea” means that precisely.

For some reason, New York City is not just the home of more Jews than any other city in the world but is also antisemitism central in academia. I just wrote about how the City University of New York is filled with vile antisemites, and now I see that NYU just hired a professor who felt “affirmed” by Hamas’ rape and murder rampage on 10/7.

“Affirming.” How nice.

NYU announced the appointment of Eve Tuck, a professor of critical race and indigenous studies at the University of Toronto, on Oct 9 — just two days after Hamas terrorists massacred 1,400 Israeli civilians.

Though her work is focused on native peoples, she has found common cause with Palestinian terrorism — including defending Hamas’ deadly rampage.

“Unprovoked is a dishonest framing. A free Palestine is possible because of how Palestinians have worked to keep alive and remake other framings, other futures,” she said in an Oct. 7 post to Bluesky, a liberal social media network.

Days later, as Israelis were still counting their dead, she called Hamas’ “resistance” to Israel “affirming.”


“Other framings,” by which she means narratives. It always comes back to narratives with these people, as if the reality on the ground is secondary. As long as rape, murder, and mutilation change the narrative, it’s cool.

On Oct. 26, Tuck signed a letter blaming Israel for Hamas’ butchery.

“The past two weeks of horrific violence in Gaza resulted from 75 years of Israeli settler colonial dispossession,” the letter read. “The atrocities of the Israeli apartheid regime in Palestine are relentless, illegal under international law, and consistent with settler-colonial projects globally.

“Colonized peoples have the right to defend themselves and to resist colonial violence. We support Palestinian liberation and their right as an oppressed people to resist colonialism and genocide.”

“Settler colonial” projects worldwide. Geez these people are all about their one-size-fits-all categories.

Tuck, by the way, is a graduate of the City University of New York–apparent antisemite central.

Tuck is Unangax̂ and is an enrolled member of the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island, Alaska. She grew up outside of her community, living in Pennsylvania as a child, and New York City as a young adult. She earned a PhD in Urban Education from The Graduate Center, The City University of New York in 2008.


Well let me smack a little sense into these idiots: do a little archaeology in Israel and the surrounding regions and you discover something amazing: lots of ancient scrolls written in Hebrew, going back thousands of years. Almost makes you think that the Jews were the “indigenous people” and the Palestinians were the colonists. And we can be sure that Islam didn’t dominate the region for anything as long as Judaism did, since it didn’t exist for much of that time.

Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Not that this alone matters. The current fetish with colonialism is overblown. Sure, it matters some, but almost nobody is descended from peoples whose claim to the lands they inhabit goes back to the origin of human settlement. Get over it.

The New York Post makes a point that all too few others have: many of the claims regarding Israel’s treatment of Gazans are simply false:

Israel has not occupied Gaza since 2005 and the Palestinian population has quintupled since 1960, according to the United Nations.

There is no occupation and no genocide. If Israel wanted to kill off the Palestinians they could.

If Palestinians could kill off the Jews they would. They are the ones dedicated to the genocide of their enemies.


Just ask them. They’ll proudly tell you so.